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Admission Chances/Timetable

pappysportspappysports 6 replies3 threads New Member
edited September 2006 in Penn State
I just applied to PSU main today,

Junior year GPA was 95.14 out of 100, top 15 in my class, possibly top 10 now. SAT - 640 verbal 680 math, National Honor Society, 3 year academic letter, baseball letterman, golf, basketball, student council co-president, office and library worker, PA resident, plan on majoring in nutrition or biology. Included personal statement about why i want to go to PSU for nutrition. 3 AP courses, recieved a 5 on my AP Psych test last year. AP Biology and AP Calculus senior year. 6 Honors courses. etc. Senior year schedule = English 12, AP Calc, AP Bio, Spanish IV, CP Government and Eco., Organic Chemistry, Physics,

What are my chances of getting accepted to U. Park and how long should i expect to have to wait until i hear back?

Thanks -
edited September 2006
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Replies to: Admission Chances/Timetable

  • Capitalq17Capitalq17 114 replies18 threads Junior Member
    right now you have a really good chance of getting in.
    you probably won't hear from penn state until october, my friend last year applied in early august and he heard in early october, but call them and ask.
    good luck
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  • courtneyccourtneyc 9 replies2 threads New Member
    i would say you're def. in

    thats where im giong this coming year

    Good luck!
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  • pappysportspappysports 6 replies3 threads New Member

    Where does anyone else stand who got accepted to main recently? grade wise, gpa SAT, etc. I'm pretty nervous about this whole thing, haha
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  • courtneyccourtneyc 9 replies2 threads New Member
    im not really sure, have you checked out collegeboard.com? that might help some. i really dont think you should have anything to worry about. your resume looks better than mine and i got in. dont sweat it.
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  • pappysportspappysports 6 replies3 threads New Member
    I've seen collegeboard but was just lookin for personal accounts, thanks courtney.

    anyone else have any input?
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  • courtneyccourtneyc 9 replies2 threads New Member
    ah i see. well if i knew anything else id let you know.
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  • aph2010aph2010 38 replies0 threads Junior Member
    You should be fine, you applied really early so thats an advantage because they are rolling admissions and your stats are much better than mine were and I got in just fine. If you want to get a better idea on where u stand check out this thread if you haven't already. I also didn't apply until October. You'll probably hear back around October, if not then early December.


    It's the thread for accepted freshman for this year, although the acceptance criteria will probably be more difficult due to the high number of incoming freshman this year.
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  • pappysportspappysports 6 replies3 threads New Member
    thats aph, transcript's going out tomorrow so now i'm just waiting to see...
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  • droq039droq039 7 replies1 threads New Member
    pappysports, you are the biggest **** bag for putting your resume up there. why must you fish for compliments on an internet forum? you obviously know you're going to get in. dear god i hope you get rejected somehow!!!
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  • theuniversetheuniverse 38 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I dunno... 95.14? geeze you will need at least a 95.2 to be competitive at Penn State. 3 year academic letter? why not 4? you're going to need to explain that one... Apply to some safties.
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  • mets600mets600 247 replies14 threads Junior Member
    pappysports, ur a little *****....obviously ur gonna get in...u must really have no life to post something like that....are you really that gay????????? goddamn fag
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  • natstarmdnatstarmd 15 replies1 threads New Member
    Is it too late for an out-of-state applicant to take the SAT's again in October? I heard that you have to have your application in very early for UP.
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  • redsoxguy111redsoxguy111 58 replies8 threads Junior Member
    If I applied this week. When should I hear back?
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  • tom725tom725 521 replies65 threads Member
    well i'm in Penn State Abington. its the 2+2 plan.

    I will be in Upark IN 08.

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