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Waitlist process?


Replies to: Waitlist process?

  • MTTwinsinCAMTTwinsinCA Registered User Posts: 640 Member
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope it works out for all the students who really want to attend PPU.
  • glassharmonicaglassharmonica Registered User Posts: 3,239 Senior Member
    It seems that kids who are accepted to Point Park need to send a deposit immediately. Then, they will have until May 1 to decide (just like any other school) and they can get their deposit back. The problem with this system is that it seems to rely on the bad luck of those who don't read the fine print. Once the peculiarity is better known, the problem is back to square one. Two many spots offered for not enough places. Then what?
  • momofstarmomofstar Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    This process is grueling enough!!!!!!!! I can not imagine being in this situation. My heart goes out to you parents and students that find themselves devastated like this and now researching other options.
  • slwalker42slwalker42 Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    This is so wrong. And it's illegal.

    I just looked up the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC). Point Park is a member. According to NCAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice, Mandatory Practices:

    "3. permit first-year candidates for fall admission to choose, without penalty, among offers of admission and financial aid until May 1. (Candidates admitted under an Early Decision program are a recognized exception to this provision)

    5. work with their institutions’ senior administrative officers to ensure that financial
    aid and scholarship offers and housing options are not used to manipulate
    commitments prior to May 1"

    Apparently there is an Interpretation of of Mandatory Practices, pages 6 – 11 that further clarifies the above, but I couldn't find it, but I just did a quick google search.

    It seems to me that Point Park is clearly in violation of the NCAC rules, I think that everyone that this happened to should make a complaint with NCAC. It sounds like you really have a case.

    Also soozievt has posted on this before #145 http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/point-park-university-mt/98521-point-park-10.html
  • MTTwinsinCAMTTwinsinCA Registered User Posts: 640 Member
    Spent a lot of time today thinking and discussing this (returning from a big driving trip) and our family had a couple observations:

    1. Several of the colleges where S's applied also did "rolling admissions" (meaning they admitted students throughout the audition season, not just at the end of the process, i.e. April 1st) and of those, PPU is the only one that requires paying early or risking losing your spot.

    2. Even if you can get your deposit back -- it seems to us that a deposit that you can get back if something better comes along is quite meaningless. Couldn't we envision a scenario wherein every student admitted paid their deposit early "just in case" and then most/many request refunds? What does this get PPU in the end?

    3. As mom of one S on WL for MT and one S accepted for Acting, I knew PPU "recommended" paying early (I received all those postcards), but it was completely lost on me that if you didn't pay early you would lose your spot and be relegated to the wait list. I'm clearly one of those who never read the fine print or had this policy (written or otherwise) clearly explained to me. Thankfully, PPU isn't at the top of either S's list; but I shudder to think what we'd be going through now if it was.

    Again, I truly hope it works out for those students for whom PPU is at the top of their wish list. Sending positive vibes to all...
  • MrsDrzMrsDrz Registered User Posts: 227 Junior Member
    Exact thing happened to my friend's D this morning. Yesterday after I read these posts I contacted her regarding her deposit...she sent it in beginning of last week. She called Admissions and they had no knowledge about kids being moved from accepted to waitlist in MT. She called the Department and this morning received news that "late 2/12 they had all 20 girl spaces filled when they received several deposits at once and had to go to waitlist. There are 20 on list currently. Early depositors often withdraw due to lack of funding at the final hour, so the list may seem long, but it may not be depending on how many withdraw."

    So there you go.

    The strange thing to me is her D didn't even audition until 2/12 and was sent acceptance letter on 3/13. She was a walk in at Unifieds. My D applied early and was admitted to school in October, but to program 2/16 via email after 2/12 audition...since both these dates were after 2/12, why was either given acceptance at all? My D has decided against PP so this doesn't affect us, but friend's D is seriously considering PP. Guess they best change their deposit verbiage to say, "Send deposit overnight mail when you receive your acceptance!"
  • perseverepersevere Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I just stumbled upon this and am sickened that these kids had their acceptances pulled after such a long grueling process. My heart goes out to them and their parents. I'd say go somewhere else just on principle!
  • MynemezzoMynemezzo Registered User Posts: 97 Junior Member
    So sorry to all students that this has happened to! I was rejected from Point Park this year and in retrospect - I'm glad I was. PPU was a top choice for me, and I would have been heartbroken if this happened to me.
    Also, now that I read all this, I don't think I would want to attend a school that has such policies...people can make excuses for the university, but this is just plain wrong. Last time I checked, students admitted to a program should be able to enroll in that program by May 1st. Otherwise, the program should be waitlisting those students in the first place instead of snatching their acceptances away from them! Again, my heart goes out to everyone who's been dealing with this...
  • nooneisalone24nooneisalone24 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    True, this may be avoidable if everyone read the fine print and made sure they understood the process but I don't see that as the main problem. It seems like a school that admits way more students than they can have attend, in this way, doesn't really (for lack of a better word) want these students. They seem to treat them like they could be replaceable. I don't know if this is any indication of how they run the program in the university but I'm a bit wary of it now.
  • santafedadsantafedad Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    The school is not entirely to blame - just as they are not to blame for students who apply to way too many schools even though they can attend only one.
    But there are some circumstances here that contributed to this. PPU does not charge an application fee and they recruit at Unifieds. Those two factors probably mean they are getting lots and lots of applicants who don't visit the campus and are using PP as a safety. Couple that with the fact that it is one of the more expensive programs, and it means that a higher percentage of those accepted will not attend.
    My son is among those - as he has sent in his release primarily due to the costs.
    Keep in mind, we parents and students do this ONCE, while the schools do it every single year - and their admission procedures have surely evolved over time to get more efficient and fit changing needs. But there does seem to be a disconnect here - and perhaps an application fee or some other measure to cull applications to the more serious contenders would be the way to go in coming years.
  • headintovandyheadintovandy Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I dont understand why someone was notified TODAY that they were accepted to the MT program. Sounds very confusing to me!!!
  • bklimowskibklimowski Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    I I haven't received a call from PPU regarding my acceptance, what should I interpret this as? I'm STILL waiting on scholarship offers from other schools, so I cannot offer any sort of confirmation regarding my acceptance to PPU. I also cannot afford the tuition deposit for about a week. It is currently between PPU and UofArizona for me, so I need to get this figured out.
  • bklimowskibklimowski Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    In addition, I was offered acceptance AT unifieds on the 11th of February. This was apparently one day before the class "filled up?" Is that right? I tried to e-mail Mr. McKelvey right after the audition like he requested I do, but I never received a reply.
  • classicalbkclassicalbk Registered User Posts: 767 Member
    BKlimowski- Time to make a phone call.
  • Singers11Singers11 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    I must say going into this Point Park was one of my top choices despite the fact i did have some worries about the program based upon years of observing it and talking to students who go there. Sadly after this year and this situation happening i feel all these situation have further proven true my biggest concern when it came to point park, do they really care if i come to their program or not? Am i just a number on a piece of paper out of 80 kids? As nooneleseisalone24 said "do they view us as replaceable?" This was the vibe i got back in October when i visited the school after being accepted into COPA. We made a long trip to Pittsburgh (over 8 hour drive), went to visit the school and upon our visit were told that the head of the program was going to stop by and talk with us since i had been accepted and was highly considering going. Well to our surprise the head of the program never showed up, not even for a quick second to introduce themself. While i understand teachers have busy schedules and things come up, still i was already an accepted student (not a perspective), was at the school for 3 days, and still got no interaction, letter, or phone call. Not even an apology for not getting to meet us as planned. To this day i still have not met the head of the program, and it just goes back to say that i feel like i am not even important to this program. For $40,000 plus a year i think i deserve to be at least acknowledged.
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