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Lawrence Hall-Haunted?

Singing91Singing91 0 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
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Hello there.

I'm planning to attend Point Park this fall as a MT major. I'm not completely sure if this post is on the right thread, so pardon me if it isn't.

I requested to live in Lawrence Hall for my first year as opposed to the other freshman dorm option, Thayer Hall, because of the private bathrooms and closeness of the dining hall, etc.
In my research on Point Park's website and on other forums, I have recently heard of a ghost named the "Lawrence Hall Shuffler" that haunts this residence hall.
According to some posts I have read from PP students, many have experienced items being missplaced and a strange, "heavy atmosphere" in the dorms and other odd occurences.
I've never been one for ghosts, so if there are any past or current PP students who would mind telling me if they have ever had an experience with any paranormal activity in the dorms I would appreciate it very much. :)
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Replies to: Lawrence Hall-Haunted?

  • StepInTimeStepInTime 29 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I am not superstitious by any means.
    But it IS pretty spooky...

    Shuffling outside and light tapping on your doors late at night.
    Hearing articles being "knocked" over in the bathroom.

    One time, I was on the top floor with a few friends, visiting a dorm.
    The door was open and we were all talking, and watching TV. All of the sudden, it just closed.
    I ran out to see if anyone had done it from the outside, but no one was there.

    So, weird things DO occur in Lawrence Hall.
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  • dream2danze322dream2danze322 3 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    hahaha!!! oh the "Shuffler"...interesting character. Alls I've experienced is the occasional shuffling sounds all over the walls, floors and ceilings. Like I'll just be sitting here at my computer and it will sound like someone is sweeping my wall...? Now, this is probably just the pipes running something through the building. Who knows. But my friends told me they hear it randomly too and its supposed to be the "Shuffler" shuffling his/her/it's way around. Haha. I think its kind of funny. Nothing else spooky has happened...yet :P
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  • mecpsumecpsu 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Lawrence Hall is most definitely haunted. The Shuffler is not a malicious ghost but relentless. You'll hear tapping on your doors and no one will be there. You'll hear the sound of someone dragging their feet along the carpet in the middle of your room. A heavy, awkward feeling will happen in your room when you least expect it. I seriously developed a sleeping disorder when I lived there because I couldn't ever sleep without being absolutely terrified. I hated PPU for dozens of reasons and transferred after one semester, but even if I had stayed I would have moved out after that semester because it was unbearable to me.
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  • headlessteddyheadlessteddy 2 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    First of all, let me say that I am a Cinema student at Point Park and the school is DEFINITELY haunted.

    I live on the 11th floor of Lawrence Hall, which is supposed to be haunted. I can verify that it is haunted, because of the experiences that I have had in the room.

    I have a lot of "energy" and belief in the paranormal, which is why I believe that I get more activity than most other people here at Point Park. Since I have been here, I've experienced the things that people have described on the internet about the "Lawrence Hall Shuffler."

    Some of the experienced activity includes (but is not limited to):

    - Objects moving themselves to random locations around the room, and objects in my desk ending up in drawers that I don't keep them in.

    - Fans keep turning on and off, mostly when I am out of the room but I had one incident where my roommate and I were present in the room.

    - Bumping and moving around in the closet, I have also heard people talking. When I investigated where the voices were coming from I couldn't find a source, they seemed to be loudest near the closet. I have also been alone in my room when the closet doors burst open.

    - The bathroom light sometimes likes to turn itself on after I flip the switch to off and step out of the bathroom. Also, objects have fallen in the bathroom when I've been sitting in bed on my computer.

    - I've walked out of my room and turned the lights off, locking the door behind me. I'll walk down the hall, talk to a few people and then walk back. When I unlock and open my door the lights will be turned back on.

    - The door sometimes likes to lock itself on me. I'll unlock the door when I go down the hall, but keep it closed, and I'll go to open it again and it will be locked.

    These are just a few experiences that I have had in this room. I sometimes get scared by these experiences, even though I'm into the paranormal, but the ghosts are harmless.


    There are a few rumors about this school:

    1. A girl on the 10th floor was smoking in her room and started a fire, she burned to death. This may or may not be true. Most times this legend is told people like to say that the room she was in is fire-damaged and unusable and no matter how many times people have painted over it the charcoal comes back. This is not true. I just took a trip down the the 10th floor not even 30 minutes ago and every room is in use. There is a possibility that a girl has died on this floor, as people die all the time, but there is no fire-damaged room and all the rooms on that floor are currently in use.

    2. A legend goes that Thayer Hall, which is connected to Lawrence through a skybridge, used to be a mental hospital. This IS true. The building is designed like an old-style mental hospital was and the elevator does not go to the 6th floor. This is the floor that the patients were held on.

    Also, a children's school used to be held on the 3rd and 4th floors of that building. What is strange is that, years after the school doesn't have children, there are still children's toys on both of these floors. During an investigation Halloween night, some friends and I went on one of these floors. There are cradles, toys, and other misc. things thrown about down there. Check it out for yourself.

    Hope this helped you and anyone else who is interested out.
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  • CSpazzCSpazz 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    The kids school closed last semester and they're getting ready to renovate 3 & 4 in theyer. If you found proof on Theyer being a mental hospital please share, otherwise the missing 6th floor is only because the university wanted the floor numbers to match, and theyer hall is shorter than Academic, so they just left one floor number out so the floors match all the way up the elevator.

    I had friends on the 11th floor last year that had similar problems. Would you happen to be the last room on the left headlessteddy?
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  • AllisonPPU14AllisonPPU14 3 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Okay im going to clear things up. I believe in the paranormal but i don't believe there is anything in lawrence and thayer. Lawrence is an old building with tons of piping to support the individual bathrooms which explains the sounds. Who doesn't hear tapping every once in a while. people hear things and explain them the way they want them to be explained. As far as thayer goes, i lived their last year when the children's school was still open and the sixth floor doesn't have an elevator exit which has been told of a mental hospital but there is zero proof of that only students trying to scare each other.

    But off topic if Lawrence is scaring you i really recommend living in thayer. You get a bigger room, a heating and cooling unit, and laundry on the floor, which cant be said for lawrence.

    but yeah i hoped this helped
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  • headlessteddyheadlessteddy 2 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Yes! I did live in the last room on the left! I actually don't live there any more because of the drama on the floor - I moved to a floor with more of my friends on it, but that is the room on the floor that experienced the most activity.
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