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Music, English, Psychology at Pomona College

cschpucschpu 18 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Looking for info/thoughts on music (classical vocal performance), English, and psychology at Pomona College - our 17-year-old daughter (currently applying to schools) is looking for a great LAC where she'd be able to pursue her love of those 3 subjects, and she's intrigued by Pomona. I know the music department at Pomona isn't large - would she still have good opportunities for vocal study/performance there? I know English is strong there - how about psychology? Any info you can give will be much appreciated!
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  • braves450braves450 2 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Music: Great music faculty. People I know love taking private vocal lessons from profs (for free!) and enjoy singing in the vocal ensembles. Plenty of student recitals and also non-departmental opportunities like a cappella groups.

    English: Also a great faculty - one of the classic subjects Pomona is strongest in and who could pass up going to a college where DFW once taught? Currently home to a great novelist, Jonathan Lethem. Plenty of really interesting and interdisciplinary creative writing and lit analysis courses.

    Psych: Hear great things about the faculty (sense a trend here?). It's a very popular major but students don't have that much difficulty getting classes. Also pretty abundant opportunities for research and hands-on learning. And the psych building is right outside of the Skyspace which is a gorgeous spot to study and/or relax!
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  • cschpucschpu 18 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Thanks so much braves450! Our daughter just did a live Pomona webinar on academics today, and she's now even more interested in applying - it is great to know that her favorite subjects are all strong there!! She also really liked what she heard about the campus vibe and what it's like to be a Pomona student. She was originally intent on heading to the East Coast (we live in Texas), but southern CA is starting to sound better and better to her - I think she and Pomona could be an excellent match!
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