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Really Upset About Leaving

alyssiumalyssium 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hi. So I'll be going away in a couple of weeks, and I'm absolutely dreading it. I cry whenever I have to talk about planning stuff for school or if I think about leaving. I love my school, don't get me wrong, but whenever I think about being away from my parents and my brother I feel miserable. I just imagining being in my dorm and knowing that they're not just down the hall, and I can't just go hug my mom or dad whenever I want, or I think about them being sad about me leaving or me not knowing when I'll see them next. My school is only a three hour drive, but band will keep me busy (at least for the first semester). Everyone keeps telling me how much fun I'll have and how much I'll love it, but nothing makes me feel any better. No one I've talked to understands how I feel; all of my friends are mostly excited and I'm basically faking it because I'm so sad. I just need to know I'm not crazy for feeling this way.
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