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Failing french?

rilE1919rilE1919 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hello! I am currently a sophomore in high school, while I enjoy franc, I can't seem to get a good grade in it. Last year I got a b- first semester and a c second. This year I have to do it online (in a program that isn't well organized) and I currently have a D. I've been having a stressful few months, I'm way behind in it, and I don't see things getting less stressful in the near future:(... I just want to get into my local college of Colorado University. The rest of my grades are a's, with the exception of one b in a weighted class and one be in an advanced math course (all from last year) and all A's this year (besides the D). Do I still have a good chance go getting into CU or will I need to retake french 3?
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