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Self studying AP Euro??

umab007umab007 1 replies6 threads New Member
Hello, I am currently a sophomore in high school in the US. I have started thinking about colleges and am almost positive that I want to study some type of economics (Not sure exactly what yet). I would love to go to LSE, but know that it is extremely competitive. I know that LSE mainly looks at AP test scores and require 5 tests with scores of 5. This year I am not taking any AP classes, but I am considering self studying for the AP Euro exam. Has anybody done this? Is it feasible? I could get help from teachers at my school considering the teacher that wrote the Euro teaches there and my father knows most of the information in the books to.
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Replies to: Self studying AP Euro??

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6915 replies60 threads Senior Member
    Euro is a relatively challenging AP simply b/c there is a lot of material, and most Americans have had very little background in the subject to start with. Self studying is feasible, and plenty of students do it, but it helps if you have had a class (it doesn't have to have been an AP class).. If you have never taken a class in European history it will take a LOT of self discipline on your part to master the material while keeping up your grades in other classes. If you decide to go that route, look at the AP review books: some of them are more focused on teaching you the material, some on taking the test- you will need a mix. Tbh, though, if you haven't done a lot of history - either in school or reading on your own I think it will be tough.

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  • mnbvcxzlkjhmnbvcxzlkjh 4 replies2 threads New Member
    As a sophomore i selt-studied for Euro. Bought princeton and crash course- and read each about one and a half times. I didnt feel prepared at all and felt like i did terribly on the test but when i got my scores i was shocked to see I had gotten a five. If you are good at remembering information and know how to write you should realy be fine. My first written DBQ was the one I wrote on the AP. i was so sure I wouldnt be able to score a three even! This AP is dfinitely worth taking
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  • history1000history1000 108 replies4 threads Junior Member
    European History is probably the easiest of the history APs in my opinion. It's definitely still challenging, but can be manageable if you devote a good amount of time to it. Just practice your essays and review your Prep Books (maybe even watch a little crashcourse) but it's definetly doable.
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