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Should I drop out of AP Chem? I NEED HELP ASAP

student2022student2022 1 replies3 threads New Member
So I signed up for AP Chem this year (junior year) and I am kinda regretting it. I'm a pretty good student like top 10% of my class. I like to challenge my self but I'm by no means a genius. I took biology last year and I did very well and really loved it. I thought I should take AP Chem this year (AP bio isn't offered to Juniors). My teacher is flying through the material and everyone seems to understand but me. I take honors math but I'm not very good at it and have to study so much to do okay. AP Chem is all math and I suck at it. I have one opportunity to drop out tomorrow and I can't decide. I like a challenge but I'm not sure if I made the right desicion taking this since I'm in honors math and AP language and composition. I don't want my gpa to fall. If I did drop out I would take AP bio senior year. I just feel like a failure if I drop out but I can't handle all this advanced math in Chem this year and the fast moving pace is getting overwhelming. Any thoughts??!?
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  • swim1128swim1128 331 replies44 threads Member
    Honestly, there is very little "advanced" math in AP Chem (logs). The rest is just dimensional analysis aka stoichiometry. AP Chem is a great class where you learn a lot of important things. I suggest watching Bozeman Science videos if you're having trouble, he really helps.
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