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Better to get average in advanced class or get A in normal class?

CCdudeCCCCdudeCC 13 replies9 threads Junior Member
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So I'm a sophomore this year, and I am taking pre-calc advanced. The other classes I'm taking are Chem(Honors), APUSH, French V(Honors), English II, Computer graphics, AP Econ, and gym, so I take a lot of honors classes. Last year I took geometry honors and in 8th I took Alg 2 honors.

Now, Im not the greatest at math. I passed with an A in alg 1, B+ in algebra 2 and a b in geometry. But this year, I think I got the worst teacher in the entire school. She doesn't even teach and relies on the kids. On top of this, she makes her quizzes and tests really hard, and she even grades really really harshly. I got a 50% on the first small quiz and I've been stressing about it all day. I have a test tomorrow and I really want to do well, but it's honestly impossible to do extremely well in her class. Believe me, I try, and I will for the next few days.

I have about 9 days to decide whether to drop down to normal precalc, before it actually shows that I dropped it.

I'm wondering if it is better to keep taking this class, and barely pass, and hopefully get better, or to drop down to normal precalc and get an A/A-???? Please help.

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Replies to: Better to get average in advanced class or get A in normal class?

  • fallenchemistfallenchemist 24269 replies860 threadsHonorary Super Mod Inactive User
    Personally I think if you are looking at a C in this class, dropping down and getting an A- is better.
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  • CheddarcheeseMNCheddarcheeseMN 3558 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Regular pre-calc. It sounds like you weren't on the advanced track before, so I would keep on the same old track.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6310 replies10 threads Senior Member
    In most cases, the answer is "you want an A in the advanced class". When that's not the case, there are a bunch of things to weigh. But IMO, in the case of math, you want to master it. Know it cold. Understand it from every angle. This is a foundation to SO many other disciplines. If you aren't really mastering the material, which is what the grades might indicate, you should run, not walk, to the GC and get yourself placed where you can learn this well. With the rest of your schedule, that'll be fine. If you don't get this year's material under your belt, it may well mess you up for the rest of HS and college. If the teacher is as bad as you say, it doesn't sound like you'll get a C but still know it really well. Put your education first.
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  • CCdudeCCCCdudeCC 13 replies9 threads Junior Member
    thanks a lot for the thoughtful reply. But does taking normal precalc affect chances of getting into say... upenn? I want to know if an a in normal is better than a c+ in acc.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6310 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I would say that if you have calculus in HS, that would be considered adequately rigorous, and I guess if those are the two options, the A is better.

    And since I'm on an advice roll, I'll add that getting into Penn is pretty much of a crap shoot, even for students with seemingly perfect records. It's not a great idea to do things that aren't great for you personally simply to please [insert school name here], when said school may not admit you even if you do that thing exceptionally well. Then you're not only disappointed with the admissions decision, you've also wasted time you could have used to do something that made you happy/better educated/etc.
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  • suzyQ7suzyQ7 4046 replies57 threads Senior Member
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    You are looking at a C - drop down to the normal class.

    An A in a normal class is better than a C in honors- no doubt. The C will kill your cumulative GPA and be a bad mark on your record.
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  • bopperbopper 14309 replies101 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Talk to the Math Department head and your GC about this. Also talk to them about what " She doesn't even teach and relies on the kids. " means...don't say that but say "In a typical class, she will not do problems on the board. She does not lecture and do examples. She just has us read the chapter and then we have to go up and do problems. The She has students do them. However, the quizzes test material she has never gone over examples of.(or whatever is happening) Is that teaching methodology acceptable? Could you come observe a class? I am not finding it effective.
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  • lonelymoonlightlonelymoonlight 124 replies35 threads Junior Member
    I was in a similar situation sophomore year except w Alg 2. I never had problems in math before but the way my teacher taught it was just not working for me. I regret to this day not dropping the Honors course and transferring to regular because I ended up with a C+ and it has a pretty significant impact on my GPA. If you think that you can't manage a B/B+ drop it. If it's taking up too much of your time to study for that one class drop it.
    Don't take a class just for _______ school because chances are you will get rejected whether or not you take it. (it's the truth sorry)

    That being said don't rely just on the first test to make a decision. Sometimes the first tests are to weed out people who aren't willing to challenge themselves. If you think maybe changing your study habits a little bit, or maybe getting a student tutor (math honor societies/ NHS are good for this) might help you grasp concepts better, then try to stay in the class. I'd draw the line at a B. If you aren't confident you can get a B, it's not worth taking the class.

    Talk to your teacher. Sometimes they are completely different people before/after school. They don't want you to fail their class, they are willing to help you.

    Also talk to your GC about your teacher because if she is really as bad she sounds, she shouldn't be teaching an advanced class.
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