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Sports on hold

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Hi there!
In the first and second years of high school (high school in my country lasts only three years) I used to practice Kung Fu for 3 hours per week. There is no kung fu competition here. I started practicing because I like its philosophy and also to challenge myself. But this year, due to the increase of school studies, my startup (which I have to dedicate lots of time to make it grow) and the fact that in my school the last year is also the most difficult (because of the number of subjects, afternoon classes that happen twice a week and the amount of tests) I had to start practicing for only 1h30 per week between April and July, and I stopped practicing during August and September, but I want to return this month.

I'm going to take a gap year next year and I want to continue practicing kung fu (and also practice it at the university).

How will this fact influence my application?
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