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Major Help Please?

samz101samz101 64 replies39 threads Junior Member
edited October 2012 in Pre-Med Topics
I've decided that I want to major in something math/science related. I've been strongly considering going into the med track. This made me think about majoring in biology (which I love), but it dawned on me that if I don't get into med school, I couldn't do much with a degree in biology. Can someone give me some majors that would give me a good foundation in preparing for the MCATs and med school, but versatile enough that I could still find a good career in case I don't go to med school? Thanks!
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Replies to: Major Help Please?

  • RMGsmomRMGsmom 497 replies17 threads Member
    Chemical engineering is practical but premeds often steer clear if they don't think they can earn a high GPA. That said, I know several chemical engineering students with GPAs high enough to be attractive med school applicants.

    I would say that if you love biology, you should still consider going that route. There are jobs for biology majors and opportunities to enter other health fields if you don't attend med school.
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  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 11032 replies236 threads Senior Member
    Another possibility would be biomedical engineering. BME's plus is that it requires some biology coursework in addition to the math, chem and physics that ChemE requires. The downside is that BME has slightly less employability straight out of undergrad. And it's also considered a "tough" major that can be hard in the GPA.

    Also like ChemE, BME requres excellent math skills.

    One more major to consider-- mathematics, particularly applied math and/or statistics. Employment prospects are much better than a bio degree. (Though not so good as an engineering degree.) It's a liberal arts degree and, according to AMCAS, a discipline that seems to do better than average on the MCAT. (Probably due to a self-selection bias.)

    (Disclosure-- I have 2 math majors: one in med school and one applying next cycle.)
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83893 replies744 threads Senior Member
    Math is often not particularly heavy with major requirements, and math courses tend not to have time consuming labs, leaving plenty of schedule space and time to take pre-med courses alongside. Of course, not everyone does well in advanced math courses with proofs, so it may not be a suitable major for everyone.
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  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP 16183 replies1 threads Senior Member
    OK, but what to do with math major? this was the major concern for Bio major.
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  • plumazulplumazul 1711 replies34 threads Senior Member
    OK, but what to do with math major?

    Are you being serious? Both of my parents have graduate degrees in math, and both have been in constant demand. (my mom was headhunted before she graduated, my dad was working at a major research center before he graduated)

    Let me google that for you
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  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP 16183 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Graduate degree is not UG degree. The original question was what to do with UG degree in Bio. I bet that Graduate Degree in Bio is also in demand. I do not know, just a guess....can't Bio major work at a major Research Center before graduation? My D's supervisor when she was interning at Med. Research lab was a Graduate Student, she definitely wa no math major, for sure something related to Bio/Neuro which are related.
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  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 11032 replies236 threads Senior Member
    Graduate degrees in Bio (even PhDs) are in huge oversupply. Way more bio degrees than jobs for them. It's an issue that has been widely discussed in academic circles for a decade or more now. There have been editorials and journal articles on the topic in "name" journals such as Nature and Inside Higher Education.

    Undergrad degrees in math are employable in a wide variety of fields, including business, finance, banking, urban & environmental planning, the airline and utility industries, computer consulting & security, education, as well as in local, state and federal government positions.

    Math BA/BS degrees are recruited by the federal government as science and tech managers.
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  • samz101samz101 64 replies39 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much for your input!
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