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Notre Dame Business PreMed

jdennenjdennen 2 replies1 threads New Member

High School Senior here. Was admitted to Notre Dame College of Science REA last winter and will probably go there next year. I have always wanted to go to med school to become a doctor, but I really am not 100% sure yet and did not want to be stuck with a bio major in case I change my mind. Notre Dame has a great finance program, which I am really interested in and could 100% get me to my MBA after graduating and a sold job after that. After talking with my AO, if I let her know soon she can try to help me switch into the more competitive business college without a separate application.

Notre Dame also has a major called Science Business in the Science College which incorporates both, but the requirements for it are too general for me (for example, I would have to take geology and accounting even though I am interested in neither.) I know majors in finance and something related to neuroscience are exactly what I am interested in, thus I want to take specific classes that interest me besides the prereqs.

I'm good at science, but I think I'm even better at math/business related classes. I know that GPA is very important when applying to med school and think I could get a better GPA in the business school. Now even though business (particularly finance) is a good fit for me, I still have the dream job of being a doctor. So my question to you guys: Would it be too difficult to major in Finance and do the PreReqs for med school and possibly a double major/minor depending on AP Credits etc or should I sacrifice and take some classes that don't interests me and go on the traditional(ish) Science Business route?

Does anyone have experience with a business major and going to med school? Anyone from Notre Dame know how hard this would be?

Thank you all
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Replies to: Notre Dame Business PreMed

  • oldlawoldlaw 324 replies14 threads Member
    Know plenty of ND premeds who went to medical school, but all were science majors-that doesn't mean you have to be a science major, though, just make sure you take the required courses. And double-major, minors, etc make liitle or no difference in medical school applications; it's GPA/MCAT, etc etc. From ND website:
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  • GoldenRockGoldenRock 1827 replies5 threads Senior Member

    If you Finance / Business anchors your interest just go with that Major. You can get in to MD with any major. But ensure to complete all your -pre-med reqs and also not to drain your GPA (which is harder to repair). In 3 or more years decide, what is your calling and apply for MD or go your Finance / Business career. Or even for for MD/MBA.

    But be open minded (specific to a line in your post). You will learn from anything but you don't realize when that will help.

    Few years back one finance executive commented when my C responded to his question and told she plans to apply for History major for her UG. He told I wish I knew how history has played a greater impact and success for him than his Accounting major (as a parent I was still concerned since not sure what job she will get to take care of her life!).
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  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 10901 replies232 threads Senior Member
    edited March 29
    1) Make sure that students in the College of Business are able cross-enroll for classes in the College of Science. (Some schools allow this; some don't.)

    Be aware that students from other Colleges may be low priority for getting a seat in science classes, esp labs.

    In general med schools do not care about what your degree is in so long as you have completed your pre-reqs. However you need to be prepared to answer why you majored in finance/business instead of a science. (And adcomms will ask. HINT: I'll get a better GPA is not an acceptable answer.)

    Also remember that when applying to med school, you will have 2 different GPAs-- a cumulative GPA that includes all classes you take at the college level; and sGPA that includes all bio, chem, math and physics classes. For med school, sGPA is more important.


    AP classes are problematic for fulfilling med school admission requirements. Many med school do not accept AP credits for pre-reqs. Those that do strongly recommend (in med school speak strongly recommend = require) all science & math AP credits be supplemented by and equal number of upper level science and math credits in the same department.

    IOW, if you received 4 credits for AP bio, you will still need to take 8 credits of bio classes at ND.

    I suggest that you look at ND's course catalog and plan out a sample 4 year schedule using a spreadsheet. See if your schedule will accommodate a double major (finance + science) and if a Science Business major will cover all your med school requirements. (bio w/ labs, gen chem w/ labs, ochem w/ labs, biochem, physics w/ labs, biostats/stats [business stats is not an allowable substitute], 2 semester of English comp, sociology, psych, calc 1)

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