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Failed My entire first year as a pre vet student and now I have no Idea what to do

189909189909 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
*Edit": I know this is a bit long so to sum it up I am looking for advice on how to move forward after having failed intro science classes two semesters in a row.

Basically I took about 25 credits of joint enrollment in high school and I made all As and Bs. I started dating a guy towards the end who had similar goals and seemed great at first. I turned out to be very wrong and to put it simply, I failed nearly 10 of my 16 credit hour my first semester almost entirely because of the situation. By the time I finally worked up my nerve to leave I was already a month in to the second semester retaking the failed classes, and had already gotten poor initial grades and had to drop my physics class.

I figured that I had solved the problem and that even though my grades weren't the best that I still had plenty of time to get them back up and had talked to my professors about how to move forward most efficiently. Unfortunately the ex found out my schedule from an acquaintance I had classes with who was a friend of his and showed up to wait in the hall outside of them even skipping his own classes to do so. It scared me so I talked to the university but because he was a fellow student they said he had the right to go in any building that I had the right to go in and that there was nothing wrong with him standing outside of my classes and I should just get over it. I attempted to continue going but when it started to get confrontational I stopped going when I was unable to avoid him which was most of the time.

Even in the classes that he didnt wait out side of, he made friends in the class that he would get to confront me and ask me questions and give his messages in his place. My grades suffered more because of all the missed time and stress and the university and my professors failed to see why I was so upset and thought it was ridiculous that I was so worried over what they called nothing and they wouldn't do anything. Whats worse is that they were all the intro science classes and I have now failed them not once, but twice in the same year. I had competed almost the entire core while in high school and since I did well and I could handle heavy course loads I decided to take Gen Bio and chem along with college physics all with labs as well as the one English course I needed to finish the common core requirements.

While I know its my fault because I should have found a way around it, I honestly didn't see one and even looking back now Im not sure what I could have done to relieve my self of the situation. I understand all the content perfectly and I could pass all the tests in one sitting if it were an option. I live on a farm where I care for animals daily and do minor procedures and I volunteer at the local zoo and animal shelters. I know that going to vet school is what I am meant to do and I cant imagine myself being happy in any other career path. I have an incredibly low GPA around 1.88 because of this past year and Im not sure that the life I imagined for my self is even an option at this point.

I cant switch schools because of this which means that I have to be ready to solve the problems with this person that I was unable to do last year, which for the sake of my future Ill have to figure out. What Im not sure of is if my academic career can be saved. I was originally on the path to graduating in about 3 years which will obviously not be happening now, but if I retake the classes again and actually pass this time and then continue on as I originally would have, Is there even still a chance at being accepted in to a vet school? Should I just give up and get a job ad McDonald's at this point? Im sorry that this turned in to a rant but Im panicking at the thought of everything I ever wanted being taken off the list of possibilities although it seems to me that it already has been. Thanks in advance to anyone who actually reads this and gives advice.

Replies to: Failed My entire first year as a pre vet student and now I have no Idea what to do

  • CheddarcheeseMNCheddarcheeseMN Registered User Posts: 2,862 Senior Member
    Regarding the ex-boyfriend, if you believe he is stalking you at your university, then you should make your complaint to the right people. Please contact your school’s ombudsman to learn more about the proper procedures and your college’s obligation under federal Title 9. Your professors are not supposed to be dismissing your concerns- they are supposed to be directing you to the proper office where your concerns can be addressed.
    While you are concerned about your future graduate school chances, the immediate concern is that you are in danger of getting suspended from school. Having your complaints made to the right office may help you later in case you need to appeal your suspension or removal of any financial aid.
    This is a holiday week in the U.S. but please plan on contacting the ombudsman by next week at the latest.
  • 189909189909 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I have complained from professors all the way up at the university and unfortunately theres nothing they would do. While I wasn't allowed to join clubs or go out with friends he was doing all of those things. He made it a point to become friends with department heads and deans and hes very charming when he tries to be. Im pretty sure they did ask him about it when I voiced my concerns but he had faculty in high up places who swore he was a great student and said that I was likely worried over nothing and the school decided that all the high up staff and respected professors must be right and basically told me I need to get over it. Hes very manipulative which is also how he got class mates to give me trouble in class. Hes out telling everyone a much different story and because I had no socialization for 2 and a half years, all my friends and contacts sided with him and I no longer have any one at the university who will back me up as also being a reliable person who isn't insane. ( when we were dating he would often go to those classes as well and insisted on taking them with me even though they weren't under his major so even past teachers arent an option). Unfortunately we live in a fairly small city and because his mother was a lawyer he also made friends and had internships and goes out to lunch with pretty much all the lawyers and judges around who dont deal with traffic court and his family threatened to turn it on me if I pushed it any further. I spent the summer making friends and gaining a social base so that I at least have something when I go back this fall instead of being entirely on my own. Ive been working on finding friends to take classes with so that Im not alone at pretty much any point as well. The only person that has actually tried to help me is a calculus professor that I took my joint enrollment class with through high school. It was the only class that the ex hadnt managed to take with me. He ran my math competition team as well and for the most part saw through the guy when he made a big deal about having to attend the competition with me and spent the whole day kissing his butt. Hes the only staff member that has taken my side but he inst exactly a match for the deans. Im not at a threat of being suspended thankfully and have been cleared to register as normal although I did loose a major scholarship ( I still have enough to cover full tuition) Im ready to do what ever it takes to get my GPA back up as high as I can and even though I know I can pass them with one more go, I plan on taking easier classes and focusing only on Biology this next semester to build up my GPA. The thing that I am most worked up about is the fear that at this point even my best wont be enough to save whats been done.
  • CheddarcheeseMNCheddarcheeseMN Registered User Posts: 2,862 Senior Member
    What is the name of the college and who besides the professors have you made a written complaint to? We could tell you who to complain to.
    You need to write in paragraph form - this is why no one else is responding. Break your long wall of text into smaller sections.
  • chestie69chestie69 Registered User Posts: 26 Junior Member
    I agree that you need to resolve the underlying issues with your ex.

    As far as vet school, if it is what you want to do then keep working towards that goal.

    See if your college offers first year grade forgiveness or some other grade replacement option. In addition, work hard to have a high last-45 credit hour gpa. Some vet schools don’t even consider cumulative gpa in the admissions process anymore.

    I don’t think all is lost if you can get yourself on the right track going forward. Also, if you have not started shadowing/working at a vet clinic you probably should consider doing so.

    Best of luck!
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 38,589 Senior Member
    Why can't you leave that college?

    Does that college offer grade forgiveness?

    What state do you live in?

    Which people (title, fiction - not named) have you contacted? Did you go to the women's center? Talk to a campus clinic therapist?
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