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Advice for Choate and Exeter interviews

azpandamanazpandaman 171 replies28 threads Junior Member
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I recent went to a 10 School Organization Meeting/orientation thing, and I got a few pieces of advice for applicants to Choate, Andover, and Exeter.

-They want kids who are going to be successful.
-They don't want kids with disciplinary problems.
-They want kids who aren't going to drop out.
-They have an emphasis in the Math and Sciences, as well as fine arts.
-Grades are EXTREMELY important.
-The question after the essays on GoChoate! are crucial (I don't know if it's one or more).
-Teacher recommendations are also EXTREMELY important.
-The teachers at Choate are the ones who decide who is admitted.
-It is more difficult to get in with financial aid vs. paying full tuition.

-The interview is your place to stand out. Make sure you show who you are.

Sorry about not so much about Exeter, I only talked with the director of admissions for 5 minutes while he was leaving. I already interview for Choate, so that's why there is a lot more. One last thing, don't be discouraged if you aren't admitted. It's may not be that you aren't a good student, but rather that the school felt it wasn't the right fit.

Message me if you have any more questions! Ciao!
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Replies to: Advice for Choate and Exeter interviews

  • azpandamanazpandaman 171 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Sorry about saying Andover in the first sentence, I didn't really get any advice, more of just information about baseball and such. You can message me if you want to know more about that :/ Sorry!
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  • LeoBroLeoBro 220 replies27 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the info. How many times does this 10 school... thing happen?
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  • azpandamanazpandaman 171 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Ten Schools Admission Organization Here is the link to the places they are traveling to.

    Member Schools of TSAO include:
    -Choate Rosemary Hall
    -Deerfield Academy
    -The Hill School
    -The Hotchkiss School
    -The Lawrenceville School
    -The Loomis Chaffee School
    -Phillips Academy (Andover)
    -Phillips Exeter Academy
    -St. Paul's School
    -The Taft School
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  • LeoBroLeoBro 220 replies27 threads Junior Member
    Is there any other advice you can give from the meeting?
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  • azpandamanazpandaman 171 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Is there a specific school in mind you want to know about (I only talked to Choate, Andover, Exeter, St. Pauls School, and the Hill School)?

    The main piece of advice I would say is to keep an open mind and to ask lots of questions that you may have, even if you feel they are stupid. You may go into the event thinking that Hotchkiss is your number 1 school, and come out completely set on Andover (I was set on choate, but now I'm not sure that I want to even apply)
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  • LeoBroLeoBro 220 replies27 threads Junior Member
    I am mostly interested in Exeter and Choate, though more knowledge of Andover wouldn't hurt. I'm not against Andover or anything, its just that I feel its less my fit. Oh and azpandaman, would you mind chancing me? Its in the chance subforum.
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  • ChoatieMomChoatieMom 5300 replies246 threads Senior Member
    I think the advice azpandaman gave about Choate is valid for all schools. They are all looking for kids who are going to be successful and, of course, they don’t want disciplinary problems or drop outs. I don’t think this is unique to boarding schools. Attending the Ten Schools event in our area last year was critical to our son’s decision as Choate was not his first choice going in, but ended up being absolutely the best fit for him, and I’m not sure he would have discovered that had he not had a long talk with the Choate rep. We only regret that he wasn’t prepared to interview with Choate that evening as he was focused on two other schools. He ended up being interviewed locally by an alumnus later (still a great experience, but it would have been nice to have gotten all his interviews done at once). He is a freshman (3rd form) this year and absolutely loving it. I can’t say enough about how fantastic Choate has been all through this process. Also, we commend Choate on their “candidate assessment” program—those “questions after the essays” on GoChoate! that azpandaman noted. Please do take the time to click on the “Find out more about Choate’s candidate assessment program” on their admissions page. This is a 40-question self-assessment (after the application is submitted) that Choate uses to go beyond the traditional quantitative metrics and essays to get a more well-rounded, personal feel for the applicant based on how the applicant views him/herself. Our son thought it was fun to answer, and it only takes a few minutes. Obviously, I’m (now) biased toward Choate, but only because Choate earned it. I wish you both all the best on your journey to the school that is best for you.
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