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Are my SSAT scores good enough for Philips Academy Andover?

dchoiboi00dchoiboi00 0 replies2 threads New Member
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I got
overall of 2212.

Are my scores competitive enough for Andover? Also, can anyone tell me my percentile? I searched online but I found no info on percentiles.
Just to add, I play violin, drums, guitar, and piano, and I compose classical music. I am also the soccer captain in my current school. Does this make me competitive enough for Andover? If not, what other high school do you recommend?
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Replies to: Are my SSAT scores good enough for Philips Academy Andover?

  • Jersey386Jersey386 70 replies2 threads Junior Member
    This belongs in the Chances section.
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  • SevenDadSevenDad 4320 replies137 threads Senior Member
    A couple of thoughts:

    A) Your candidacy for any school is not determined by one score on one test. Thinking this way may lead to both a restricting of scope when it comes to schools to consider and also disappointment when it comes to admission results. My daughter scored a 2350+ on the SSAT and was flat out rejected by Choate a few years ago. Don't think that a high score = admission.

    That said, your scores should be fine for the set of most selective schools (of which Andover is a member).

    B) The fact that you are keying in on one school that is among the most famous, rigorous, and very selective leads me to believe that have not yet done your homework on what schools might suit you. I encourage you to look around on this forum. The list we started with can be found in this thread: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/prep-school-parents/1174214-one-family-s-bs-search-application-process-start-finish.html

    I think that list is as good as any to start with for an above average kid looking for a rigorous experience.

    C) If you are looking for percentiles, I'm assuming your scores are from a practice test. Hopefully you took that test under test-day conditions (timing wise). While some prep books have percentiles, note that they vary from test to test.

    Best of luck. I would begin by researching a wider scope of schools using this forum (SEARCH TOOL IS YOUR FRIEND) and other resources. Once you have your list of "to consider" schools...go on their websites and poke around. If you still like what you see, request information (this will also usually add you to their e/mailing list) and take it from there.
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  • vtan12vtan12 13 replies4 threads New Member
    Well, here's what the website states:

    Although the Andover admissions committee has no minimum grade or score requirements for acceptance, the average Andover student maintained an "A" average at his or her previous school and scored in the 93rd percentile on the SSATs.

    But, yeah, SevenDad is right. Scores aren't everything.
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