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Get into Choate 10th

19hollowayc19hollowayc 8 replies11 threads Junior Member
After this summer I am going into 9th grade. However my mom is pushing me to reapply to Choate even though they said my grades were not high enough. The admission lady said I had potential ? Plus I did not take the ssat the first time. Please help?

For freshmen year I am reapplying for 10th.
How high should my grades be?
How high should my ssat be?(I need a lot of scholarship money)

ECs in 8th: I have played the flute since 2nd grade been in band / plays
Middle school treasurer. Won a play competition.
This Summer; I do not have enough money so I am planning to work at Chick fil a to pay for my ssat and application fee, buy a laptop(Mac), Once I have my laptop I am going to start my own blog about conspiracy theories. The rest of the money I am going to spend to open my own charity.

Plans for 9th: Continue my flute career, and do either varsity volleyball or tennis, winter: varsity basketball or track spring: track. I am going to try to go into robotics (the team made it I to world championships) i am not doing it to look good but I always wanted I vent something even if I am bad at science. I am joining model Un. (A lot of other things I might do) join minor scholar program

What should I do/not do? Any Ecs or summer plans I should do? The interview lady also said I am to shy? Please help? My mom is really disappointed in me for going to a top city magnet school she says it is ghetto( ...-.-) I really do love choate but I don't think they like me.
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  • FootballBoar2019FootballBoar2019 13 replies0 threads New Member
    I got 54 overall average for my SSAT and I will be attending next year as a freshman. What I did, which I believe helped me the most was I conected with as much coaches as I could, and they definately helped me get past the admissions process even with my SSAT scores so low.
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  • ChoatieMomChoatieMom 5319 replies248 threads Senior Member
    So refreshing to hear that, Football.
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  • BulattBulatt 52 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Hi hollowayc! Firstly, after reading your post I wanted to know if you considered redoing 9th grade at Choate? By redoing 9th grade it would help your chances somewhat and will give you more time to ooze into the Choate Community. Grade wise I am not very familiar with Choate academically or what they are looking for, but I know it's an amazing school. I would recommend to do the best you can and work your hardest, even if you do not have stellar grades the admission officers want to see that you're trying your best. I don't know Choate's SSAT average, sorry. Try your best?? 70+ maybe? If Choate is feeling that you are too shy that is a great thing to work on and maybe something to write about in your essay (if you try to get out of your comfort zone)

    Good luck with the process!
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