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2017 Official Prep School Stats/ECs


Replies to: 2017 Official Prep School Stats/ECs

  • SusieknitsSusieknits Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    Forgot one EC - second place in state for VFW Patriot's Pen essay contest.
  • callmedrseusscallmedrseuss Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    Accepted: Loomis, Governor's
    Rejected: Andover, Exter and L'ville
    Wait listed: Choate and Deerfield
    Attending: Loomis class of 2020!

    • SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: 28% overall ( it's a really bad score, I know)
    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: n/a
    • Rank: n/a
    • Other stats: n/a

    • Interviews: My interview at Loomis was the best one. We talked for an hour about about graphic novels.
    My interviewer at Governor's answered all my question about moving school systems. We talked for an hour and a half!
    My interviewer at Andover was really interested in my background and my experience in Africa.
    The Exeter interview was via Skype and I would say it went well, it was not the best.
    The interviewers at the other schools seemed unimpressed. In my all of my interviews, I told them the reason I am applying to boarding schools is so I can try new things and I want to explore my passions.
    • Essays: I talked about child marriage and my experience in Africa
    • Math Rec: 5/10. My math teacher could not write a good rec. because her first language is not English
    • English Rec:10/10 Excellent!
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec: 10/10 Wonderful!
    • Principal/Counselor Rec: 9/10 nothing to say
    • Sports (if any): Tennis and track.
    • Instruments (if any): n/a but I want to learn an instrument
    • Other ECs (if any): I go to villages and give stationary and clothes.
    • Hook: My hook was my experience in Africa and my background

    • State or Country: Ghana
    • Current School Type: French private school
    • Ethnicity: Mixed
    • Gender: F
    • Grade Applying For: 10th
    • Age: 14
    • Financial Aid/Full Pay: Full pay

    Strengths: Most of my interviews were really good. My essay was really good as well

    Weaknesses: My SSAT score!

    Why do you think you were accepted/rejected/waitlisted? My SSAT played a big role in the admissions process. Loomis seemed particularly interested in me because of my writing (that school is known for its' amazing writing courses).

    General Comments: If writing is one of your passions, I really encourage you to apply to Loomis. They have great writing courses and I must note that the study abroad program seems particularly interesting. Even though my SSAT score was terrible, most of the schools understood that I was coming from a totally different school system and I had much more to offer.
  • ppm5544ppm5544 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Your SSAT scores still better than me!!
  • callmedrseusscallmedrseuss Registered User Posts: 12 New Member
    @ppm5544 What was your SSAT score?
  • AtriaAtria Registered User Posts: 808 Member
    edited March 2017
    Please ONLY post your stats/ec's here... any other conversation can be done via PM or in another thread...
  • maribrazilmaribrazil Registered User Posts: 25 Junior Member
    Accepted: Andover, Groton, Milton
    Wait listed: Hotchkiss, Cate, Exeter
    Likely Attending: Andover

    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: 4.0
    • Rank:
    • Other stats: 1350 (94th percentile ) in the New SAT in 8th grade year.

    • Interviews: Excellent, especially Andover, Groton and Exeter. Interviews lasted from 1 hour to 1 hoour and a half and it was very natural. Made interviewer laugh a few times.
    • Essays: I'd say very good/excellent. I didn't get anybody to proof read them, but I did check on spelling/grammar/flow multiple times (I even recorded myself reading them and then listened to the recording to see if anything sounded weird). Before the M10, one Milton admissions officer even sent me an email saying she loved my essays (and my applicantion as a whole).
    • Math Rec: Should be excellent
    • English Rec: Should be excellent
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec: Should be excellent/outstanding
    • Principal/Counselor Rec: Should be excellent/outstanding
    • Sports (if any): Soccer (Varsity), Basketball and Volleyball (JV)
    • Instruments (if any):
    • Other ECs (if any): Model UN (Secretary), NJHS (President), Global Issues Network, Steering Committee, Knowledge Bowl, poetry
    • Hook: International Student, independent learner (I even have a small youtube channel for advanced topics in Math and science that was cited in my Groton admissions letter), take online courses in college level physics/calculus, received a scholarship to attend Oxford University's Summer Course (only 25 out of 1,000 applicants),I have published poems.

    • State or Country: Brazil
    • Current School Type: Private (International School)
    • Ethnicity: Latino
    • Gender: Female
    • Grade Applying For: 10th
    • Age: 15
    • Financial Aid/Full Pay: Full financial aid (including trips, books and all other fees)

    Strengths: I'd say I am a pretty well-rounded applicant -- I have many different interests. My background was probably one of my strengths together with my writing and my Youtube videos. Even though I'd say SSATs helped, the interviews were very important as well.

    Weaknesses: Definitely financial aid. I had very positive experiences with all schools. My Exeter interviewer, for example, wrote amazing notes about me and gave all the highest possible recommendations. Same with Cate, I have a friend there who frequently talked to an AO there and he said "they loved me" and that "it looked positive for me". Still, I was waitisted at both schools. Maybe at Exeter financial aid wasn't such a big deal, but at Cate, which is a much smaller school, it definitely was.

    Why do you think you were accepted/rejected/waitlisted?

    As I said before, I pretty much do everything, from community service to sports and debate. Also, I have an interesting background and story. For waitlists, the main reason is financial aid.

    General Comments:

    As an advice, I'd say start early. I started looking at schools in July, and completed my candidate profile very early too. I took the October SSAT in case my score wasn't good and I needed to retake it -- which fortunately I didn't, because I had been studying for almost two months. Also, I scheduled all interviews and requested recommendations in late October/ Early November. Even though some interviews took a long time to happen (Groton interview Feb. 14th because it was a Skype interview, so they reviewed my entire application to see if they wanted to interview me or not), I did not experience the risk of not having slots available. Also, be in contact with AOs and try to check your checklists at least once a week, because sometimes there are problems with materials you send and you don't even know (it happened to me).
  • 0rcawhale0rcawhale Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    Accepted: Hun, Masters, Stony Brook
    Rejected: None
    Wait listed: None
    Likely Attending: I don't have a clue

    • SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: 45% SSAT (I got a 16% on verbal) 74% PSAT
    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: 3.56 unweighted/ 3.8 weighted and 3.95 unweighted/4.03 weighted
    • Rank: N/A
    • Other stats:

    • Interviews: Went well, all said I would be a good fit at the interview
    • Essays: Good
    • Math Rec: School didn't give one
    • English Rec: School didn't give one
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec: School didn't give one
    • Principal/Counselor Rec: I'm guessing good
    • Sports (if any): Varsity soccer
    • Instruments (if any): None
    • Other ECs (if any): Model UN
    • Hook: Won chess competitions, program games, many merritt awards 99th percentiile on 6-8th grade state testing, many gifted programs

    • State or Country: NJ
    • Current School Type: Private Boarding School
    • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern/ Caucasian (I don't know, I'm Turkish so it fits in both)
    • Gender: Girl
    • Grade Applying For: 10
    • Age: 15
    • Financial Aid/Full Pay: Full pay

    Strengths: writing, math, good athlete, good interview

    Weaknesses: SSAT, first term grades, 8th grade grades

    Why do you think you were accepted/rejected/waitlisted? I honestly have no idea since I scored very low. Hun also said there were extremely limited spots. I had low SSAT scores. I think it was my other achievements.

    General Comments: Don't stress too much on SSAT. Keep your head up
  • badminton4lifebadminton4life Registered User Posts: 53 Junior Member
    Accepted: none
    Rejected: Roxbury Latin, Nobles
    Wait listed: Milton, Groton
    Likely Attending: none

    • SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: 75% SSAT (I got a 94% on quantitative and 91 on math and 54 reading and 63 verbal)
    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: n/a
    • Rank: N/A
    • Other stats: n/a

    • Interviews: Ok, i was a bit nervous 7/10
    • Essays: Good/average 7/10
    • Math Rec: 10/10, one of the best students
    • English Rec: 8/10, very good student, participate well and teache said I was a strong reader and writer
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec:ok I guess, blind 8/10
    • Principal/Counselor Rec: ok, blind 7/10
    • Sports (if any): BADMINTON previously ranked number 1
    • Instruments (if any): Piano, Violin
    • Other ECs (if any): programmer
    • Hook:

    • State or Country: MA
    • Current School Type: Public Charter
    • Ethnicity: Chinese
    • Gender: Male
    • Grade Applying For: 8
    • Age: 12 (at the time of application)
    • Financial Aid/Full Pay: Full pay

    Strengths: math, good badminton player, pretty decent grades and ecs

    Weaknesses: SSAT, english specifically for school and SSAT


    If you see a weakness, try as HARD AS YOU CAN to work on it. My english made my application bad and I would have definitely worked harder on it. SSAT's don't matter that much, but it has to be within the range.
  • Laura003Laura003 Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    edited April 2017
    Rejected:Choate, Hotchkiss
    Wait listed:
    Likely Attending: Culver

    • SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: SSAT- 44% (Yea could have done better..)
    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: (Unweighted I think) 3.9
    • Rank:N/A
    • Other stats:

    • Interviews: Hotchkiss was short and my first it was good. Bonded with Choate really well. Culver was good too.
    • Essays: Unique and fun
    • Math Rec: Ok
    • English Rec: Good
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec:Ok
    • Principal/Counselor Rec:Ok
    • Sports (if any): Tennis- 2 years; Swimming-8 years; Soccer-3 years
    • Instruments (if any): Piano- 2 years
    • Other ECs (if any): Yearbook, Youth Group, and Book Club
    • Hook: talked about Korean dramas in my essay (took a risk

    Comments: Suprised I got accepted to Culver considering my low SSAT and I applied late, but glad I did! At first when I got rejected from HK and Choate I knew it was coming, but deep down I thought i was going to pull a miracle.. didn't happen xD. I'm glad i applied, rather get a rejection letter than not knowing
  • Hulahoop45Hulahoop45 Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    Accepted: Exeter, Choate, NMH, Berkshire, Milton
    Rejected: None
    Wait listed: Andover
    Likely Attending: Not sure yet

    • SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: SSAT 86 overall, 88 gender
    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: all As, small private school that doesn't do GPAs
    • Rank: n/a
    • Other stats: Academic/school awards in Latin, History, Theater, Voice

    • Interviews: Were all great. Lots of great feedback from AOs. Interviewing is probably one of my strengths.
    • Essays: I thought they were good. Hard to know how they were received. I tried to really personalize them, speak from the heart.
    • Math Rec: 8/10 Should have been decent, I am a really good student, but teacher isn't a super big fan of mine
    • English Rec: 10/10 Was likely really good.
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec: 10/10 Was likely really good.
    • Principal/Counselor Rec: 10/10 was likely really good. I saw a copy of the one she sent to Exeter. It was really good.
    • Sports (if any): Alpine skiing, soccer, lacrosse
    • Instruments (if any): voice
    • Other ECs (if any): Student Council President, created a Buddy Program at school to help connect middle school and lower school, 12 theater roles in past six years, plus 4 theater tech crews positions, all in three different local theater troupes, member of local competitive chorus, Vice President of state chapter of Junior Classical League, member of award winning Certamen team (Latin/classics competition team).
    • Hook: Had a legacy hook at one school, and sports hook with alpine skiing at Milton, NHM, Berkshire.

    • State or Country: Vermont
    • Current School Type: tiny private school
    • Ethnicity: white
    • Gender: female
    • Grade Applying For: 9
    • Age: 13
    • Financial Aid/Full Pay: FP

    Strengths: Had to be my interviews, recommendations, and ECs. My recommenders all knew me really well and likely had really nice things to say about me.

    Weaknesses: SSAT scores were good but not really really high. I am sure I didn't study or prepare as much as most kids.

    Why do you think you were accepted/rejected/waitlisted? Interviews, recs, ECs. Interviewed at Andover in August with a person who wasn't even full time in admissions, so that may have hurt there. Also, I had zero other connections to Andover. It seems at every other school I had some kind of additional connection/hook, like legacy or sports.

    General Comments:
  • Kamina_Blue2020Kamina_Blue2020 Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    Good for you!! Congratualtions!! :D
  • midtowngirlmidtowngirl Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    Accepted: Exeter, Deerfield, LDS
    Rejected: Andover, Loomis
    Wait listed: SPS, Lawrenceville, Choate
    Likely Attending: Exeter!

    • SSAT/ISEE/TOEFL/PSAT: 91% overall
    • GPA Unweighted/Weighted: 3.7
    • Rank: n/a
    • Other stats: n/a

    • Interviews: Exeter, Deerfield, and Lawrenceville were great 10/10. Andover, SPS, and Choate were okay so 8/10. Loomis was over skype and really short 6/10.
    • Essays: Some were rushed 8/10
    • Math Rec: she really likes me 10/10
    • English Rec: likes me but kinda blind 8/10
    • Personal/Extracurricular Rec: thinks really highly of me 10/10
    • Principal/Counselor Rec: blind 8/10
    • Sports (if any): Tennnis, Lacrosse, Track
    • Instruments (if any): n/a
    • Other ECs (if any): choir, robotics, math comps (6th in state), programming, ranked USTA player, Duke T.I.P
    • Hook: URM, tennis

    • State or Country: DC
    • Current School Type: private
    • Ethnicity: african american
    • Gender: female
    • Grade Applying For: 9
    • Age: 13
    • Financial Aid/Full Pay: like 80% FA

    Strengths: interviews, sports, teachers like me, math, 8th grade report card, educational competitions

    Weaknesses: FA, 7h grade started out bad on report card, SSAT was a bit low for some schools

    Why do you think you were accepted/rejected/waitlisted?

    I'm actually a bit surprised about getting into Exeter but not Andover because I felt like my andover application was overall solid, but there really is no way to predict these decisions. Interviews are really important and looking back, my Exeter and Deerfield ones were the best. I also stayed in constant communication with my ao's so that might have helped. I heard that SPS had to downsize their class this year, so that may be why I was waitlisted, and Choate just didn't have enough FA for me.

    General Comments:

    Future applicants, stay in contact with admissions officers! Thats really important in how they represent you because constant communication can help them see how wonderful of a candidate you are. Also, try to have a wide range of ECs so you stand out against other candidates and spend a while on your essays. The schools don't really care how soon you submit your application, as long as its before the deadline. Good luck!
  • midtowngirlmidtowngirl Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    Edit: I live in North Carolina and made a typo of DC instead of NC, whoops
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