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chocolate12345chocolate12345 7 replies11 threads Junior Member
Hi, As an international student, will scores of 99% Quantitative, 97% Reading, but 72% Verbal (93% overall) affect the chances of admissions to HADES schools? I am concerned about the gap between Verbal and Reading. I feel like Verbal measures luck more than skills and knowledge... I currently go to a boarding school in NE, and I'm considering re-applying to repeat my Sophomore year. Thank you in advance :)
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  • Bunny8280Bunny8280 100 replies16 threads Junior Member
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    Well you are international so it's fine. I think one question these schools would have for you, is why you are leaving your current boarding school. However, your SSAT score doesn't not mean much as my brother got into exeter with 84% and my cousin went to andover with 81%. Both are not special atheltes or music prodigies
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  • CenterCenter 2204 replies66 threads Senior Member
    @chocolate12345 these schools do not like transfers. It is a bit of a no no and is somewhat frowned upon. There have to be very very clear cut reasons and even that is not often enough.
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  • MAandMEmomMAandMEmom 1676 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I know of at least two students from DD's school who are transferring to other boarding schools so it must happen. One is going to Groton and the other to St. George's School.
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  • nynycasino1234nynycasino1234 423 replies36 threads Member
    Are you full pay? If so your score are fine, score will not keep you out, focus on ECs
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  • chocolate12345chocolate12345 7 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Thank you so much everyone ;)
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