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Any Boarding Schools with Japanese language classes?

CottenCandyTrillCottenCandyTrill 172 replies25 threads Junior Member
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I'm taking Japanese in 8th grade so I would like to know which boarding schools offer Japanese. This may be a big point in my criteria for the schools I'll apply to. If their isn't a lot of schools offering or almost none I'll have to switch to Spanish sadly since I cant waste a year in a language I can't continue into highschool. So please enlighten me :D. Also since I've read Japanese is similar to Chinese I would also appreciate learning about boarding schools that offer Chinese instead of japanese.
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Replies to: Any Boarding Schools with Japanese language classes?

  • ShrmpngrtzShrmpngrtz 137 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Google "Boarding School Review"

    Follow the first link (Boarding School Review - College-Prep & Jr. Boarding Schools)

    On that website, enter "Japanese Language" into the seach box at the top
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  • applejuice007applejuice007 151 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Most of the top boarding schools offer Chinese, and a couple offer Japanese as well. The languages are not that similar. They share some characters and I think that the sentence structure is similar, but they're not too close. Fortunately, you don't learn too much in one year so it won't be too hard to switch languages.
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  • waterpololoverwaterpololover 57 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Exeter offers Japanese, and many students taking Japanese go abroad to Japan during the summer or in their senior year. My friends who are taking Japanese love it!
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  • skieuropeskieurope 39829 replies7266 threads Super Moderator
    edited July 2017
    Also since I've read Japanese is similar to Chinese
    You were misled; the basic grammar, vocabulary, and phonology are quite different. The only similarity is that some of the characters will have the same meaning, but the pronunciation will be totally different. They are not similar in the way that Spanish and Portuguese are similar.
    I would also appreciate learning about boarding schools that offer Chinese instead of japanese.
    Many boarding schools offer Chinese; few offer Japanese. Exeter is one offering Japanese, as noted above. Andover is another. However, since these are 2 schools with very low admissions rates, I would not make Japanese one of your key criteria is choosing a school to which to apply.
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  • momof3swimmersmomof3swimmers 389 replies5 threads Member
    Honestly no need to switch to Spanish. What does it matter? SwimKid too 3 years of french, then a year of Latin and will be taking German at Exeter in the fall. Chances are you will never be fluent unless you go there and live in immersion so don't make your decisions based off of a what if! Also don't base your entire decision about where you want to be off of a forging language you don't even know you will like.
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  • MAandMEmomMAandMEmom 1677 replies10 threads Senior Member
    This is true of DD who was drawn for certain reasons to Exeter because of the option to take Russian. In the end she knew she wouldn't ever be fluent so that factor ended up with less weight. She's now taking Arabic.
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  • CottenCandyTrillCottenCandyTrill 172 replies25 threads Junior Member
    My Parents dissaproved of me choosing Japanese already, definitely since they want me to be able to speak spanish like them. I wanted to learn Japanese due to the connection it has to a hobby of mine but if I can't pursue it if i go to a boarding school not offering it I think it will be in my best interest to switch to spanish. Are Andover and Exeter the only schools offering Japanese though?
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  • doschicosdoschicos 21584 replies226 threads Senior Member
    SPS offers Japanese.
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  • preppedparentpreppedparent 3341 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I think it's Exeter, Andover, and St. Paul's maybe Deerfield.
    5 schools had the summer TIES TOIN scholarship to learn Japanese language and culture in Yokohama. My Choate student did it her freshman summer.
    Choate, Deerfield, St Paul's, Exeter and Andover.
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  • doschicosdoschicos 21584 replies226 threads Senior Member
    from the SPS website - I believe both options are offered yearly.

    Japan – Seikei School in Tokyo
    Spring Term 2017

    Seikei Senior High School is a co-educational day school located in Tokyo, Japan. It is part of Seikei Gakuen which consists of an elementary, junior and a senior high school as well as a university all in one campus. SPS-Seikei is our oldest exchange program. Our relationship with Seikei dates back 65 years when Minoru “Ben” Makihara arrived at SPS from Seikei as a Sixth Former after a two-month journey by ship and railroad in 1949 and went on to graduate magna cum laude the following year. We have continued to welcome a new Seikei student to SPS every year, while our students are invited to spend the Spring term at Seikei. Although SPS students spend much of their school day with their homeroom class, Seikei generously accommodates them by creating a tailored schedule, whenever possible, to suit their needs, interests and linguistic background. Seikei also arranges special activities such as trips to culturally important cities such as Kyoto and Nara. Tutorial classes in the Japanese language are offered daily, and SPS students are encouraged to join an after-school club ranging from martial arts to cooking. Anyone who is enrolled in any level SPS Japanese course is eligible to apply for this wonderful opportunity, though most of our previous participants applied after two or more years of Japanese.

    Japan – TIES Summer Progam at Toin Gakuen in Yokohama
    Summer 2017

    Toin Gakuen is a day school with a small number of boarders located in Yokohama, Japan that has kindergarten through university. Although the school as a whole is considered co-educational, boys and girls study separately at the junior and senior high levels until their final year. Toin started the Toin International Exchange Student (TIES) summer program in 1990 to promote mutual understanding between young people in Japan and other countries and invites four students (two boys and two girls) from each of the five participating New England boarding schools including SPS. This four-week program takes place from mid-June to mid-July and offers its participants a valuable opportunity of comprehensive study and cultural experience. It consists of daily Japanese language lessons, home-stay, numerous field trips including a three-day excursion to Kyoto and Nara, and integration into Toin High School through homeroom assignment, class participation and club activities. All the TIES program participants receive a generous scholarship from Toin that covers a portion of tuition, meals, textbooks, commute, and excursions. Although this program is intended mainly for current Japanese language students, SPS students interested in enrolling in Japanese the following year are eligible to apply for this wonderful opportunity.
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  • GMC2918GMC2918 894 replies25 threads Member
    Cate offers Japanese
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