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High School Questions

Vinnyui14Vinnyui14 0 replies1 threads New Member
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Ok, I just signed up for a CC account so I'm still learning how to use the website, but I just had two questions on the admission process to my desired high schools.

1. Do I have to write an essay to get into Lawrenceville, because it doesn't say I have to anywhere on their website.

2. What are the percentile ranges I need to get into Lawrenceville, Andover, and Exeter.
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Replies to: High School Questions

  • buuzn03buuzn03 1580 replies15 threads Senior Member
    You definitely have to answer short answer/mini essay questions as part of your application to Lawrenceville. They don't use the same portal as most other schools and will suggest you write your essay on Word and then, copy & paste to the portal. As far as percentages...that is always a nebulous thing and opinions will vary. Those schools do have very selective admissions, though. If you are a very strong candidate in all other areas but don't have the greatest SSAT, don't let that stop you. DS was the highest percentile he could be but was waitlisted---it is all about your entire package and the fit. If I were you, I'd suggest looking at a broader range of schools than just those three...cast a wide net.
    In any regard, do your best in everything and present the best you you can when applying. GOOD LUCK!!
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  • AnthorAnthor 30 replies2 threads Junior Member
    The search function is very useful. We are new as well, and use it often. There are many posts related to average scores, and other mysteries of the admissions process.
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  • applejuice007applejuice007 151 replies17 threads Junior Member
    2. There's no given percentile range, at least not to my knowledge. From what I've read on here, many applicants have scores around the 90th percentile. However in real life, I've met people with lower scores who still got in.
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