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Should I Reapply?

M0hammadM0hammad Registered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
Let me explain my situation to you: I applied to a bunch of schools, and got accepted into my second choice (BB&N) and waitlisted at my first choice (Andover). Up until today I was planning on going to BB&N for good, and if I get off the waitlist at Andover, which I know is extremely unlikely, I will attend. However, today I was asked to go to a Trustees meeting at my school, to talk about what I liked about the school, how I was doing, where I got accepted, and why they should continue to donate. The people there really liked me, and a few people even told my dad that I did really well. I was talking to one of these people with my dad, and to my astonishment, one of them was an English teacher at Exeter who previously went to my school! She asked me about my plans next year, and I told her what I told you earlier in this text. She then told me that she really wanted me to apply to Exeter, and gave me her card to email her.

So here's where I need the advice. Someone on this forum, I forgot who, told me that it's harder to get into top schools while applying from an already good school. So, thinking about that, here are my choices:
a) Stay at BB&N for my high school career
b) Go to BB&N next year, and reapply for Andover and apply for Exeter to repeat ninth grade
c) Go to BB&N next year, and reapply for Andover and apply for Exeter for 10th grade
d) Go to my local high school, and then apply for Andover and Exeter to make it easier to get in

Thought? I prefer either (B) or (C), but I know those will be the toughest to try, especially (C)

Replies to: Should I Reapply?

  • mynameiswhatevermynameiswhatever Registered User Posts: 63 Junior Member
    edited April 14
    @M0hammad I have read your posts with great interest over the last several months. You come across as an extremely intelligent, hard-working, and passionate person.

    All I know about BB&N is from CC, and I hear it is a tremendous school. I know you have a burning desire to go to Andover, but as many people have said here, love the school that loves you. If you do wind up going to BB&N, throw your heart and soul (and mind) to get the very most you can out of that. Don't forget that even if you do apply to BSs next year.

    On repeating a year, why would you do that? Just to go to a BS? Remember that, in just a few years, you may be going away to college anyway. What do you get out of losing that year? That's personal to you, but absent a really good reason, I wouldn't recommend repeating a year. At the very most, I would recommend applying to Andover and Exeter next year as a 10th grader, but enjoying the heck out of BB&N while you apply and until you make a decision to leave to attend another school.

    Life is what you make it. You have a tremendous opportunity with BB&N. Sure, look around and apply, but remember to be as passionate as you can about where you are presently. John Lennon said it more eloquently: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
  • YoungThriverYoungThriver Registered User Posts: 483 Member
    edited April 14
    This is just what I personally think so don’t take this too seriously but, I if I were in your shoes, I’d pick option C.

    Why C? Well, first of all, BB&N is a great school and is a top-rated one at that. I would never turn down an opportunity to learn at a school such as BB&N because it would, allegedly, decrease my chances of gaining acceptance into a “more prestigious” high school (I’m not sure if this is your thinking process so please, correct me if I’m wrong).

    I really don’t know what your local high school can offer but I do know that BB&N can offer a whole lot more than the average public high school. If BB&N can offer more than your local public high school, choose BB&N and take advantage of all they offer. Just don’t choose option D!

    Andover’s acceptance rate is already insanely low (12% this year) and I’m not sure how much of a difference applying for junior or lower year makes but, I’d imagine the differences to be quite small. Yes, they do have less spots but they also receive less applicants for lower year. With that being said, I’d just apply for 10th since I, personally, would never want to repeat a year of high school. You don’t seem to mind repeating a year so maybe you can make a note of that somewhere in your application next year.

    At the end of the day, it’s all up to you but, don’t turn down BB&N on a rumor that attending such a school would decrease your chances of gaining admissions into an already selective high school. If anything, attending a school such as BB&N and not taking full advantage of the opportunities they offer is really what would kill your chances gaining admission at an already selective institution.
  • CC4lifeCC4life Registered User Posts: 221 Junior Member
    @M0hammad It really is important to recognize that sometimes things go our way and other times that don't. I really suggest you go to BB&N, make the most of it your time there, and go on and kill in college and your future. 10,20, and definitely 30 years from now, I guarantee you that attending Andover instead of BB&N or vice versa will have little to no impact on your future success. They are both incredible schools and, IMO, are both held in very high regard by people who are close to the boarding/private school world.

    Ask yourself this--Do you really want to kick off freshman year by starting the application process again? 9th grade is a time when you should put your passion towards ECs and Clubs and other activities in order to become strong at them and hopefully gain leadership positions in the future. Because of the lighter course work in 9th grade compared to the later years of high school, you will have more free time. IMO, it would be more helpful for both your future and your present situation if you put your effort towards excelling at BB&N both academically and in the school community by joining different student groups and fully immersing yourself in the true BB&N experience. Now, lets say you go through the application process again, the interviews, the essays, the testing, the recommendations (from a school where you've known the teachers for less than a year, etc.) AND imagine you end up in the same position you are in now with a waitlist or a rejection (I'm not saying it will happen, but I think it is something you should take into consideration). You would have essentially limited your participation at BB&N even though you would end up staying there for 10th grade and on.

    Back to the Exeter teacher, I agree with @skieurope when it comes to putting the trustees comments in perspective. As a teacher, I highly doubt that she has much, if any, pull when it comes to admissions. If team coaches have trouble getting some of their flagged applicants in (which I've heard has been happening more and more as schools become more selective), it will be close to impossible to bank on that teacher giving you a leg up in the admissions process.

    When it comes from transferring from one 'top' school to another 'top' school. It really depends on the situation. If you can make a genuine case for why you want to go to andover or exeter instead of BB&N (and that would have to be MUCH more than its my first choice) then you may be able to get in. I personally, cannot think of a justification for why a transfer to PA or PEA from BB&N would be necessary or wanted, but thats just me... Now, are there impact athletes who go from one top school to another--absolutely. But, those are usually done because both the school and the athlete benefit from the acceptance. The school gets a top notch player and the athlete is (ideally) on a stronger team.

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I really think you should go to BB&N with a "this is the school for me" attitude. And if, after putting your heart and sole into loving the school, you find that you really can't see yourself completing high school there, then by all means apply to all the schools your heart desires.
  • M0hammadM0hammad Registered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
    Thank you for your responses! Let me clarify something many of you seem to be questioning: what drew me in to Andover was prestige, but what kept me hooked was I felt it to be such a good fit for me. What drew me in to Exeter is the trustee, and after researching Exeter, I also have a good feeling about it. However, due to many of your thoughtful responses, I’m starting to think I should at least see if I enjoy it at BB&N before I start getting too attached to either Andover or Exeter. Im also completely disregarding (D). My original thought process was I would give up BB&N for a better shot at Andover, but after thinking about it more, I realized I really liked BB&N, and it would be a terrible decision to deny their offer. Also, if I do decide to apply out, I’m starting to wonder if I should ask any of my rather wealthy relatives if they could loan me some money if I get accepted, so I could say on my application that I don’t need financial aid. Right now I need 90% financial aid, which I’m afraid might hurt my chances if I do decide to apply. Anyway, I know I say this a lot, but I’m really glad you guys took time out of your day to respond to me, it truly means a ton. Have a great night!
  • CaliMexCaliMex Registered User Posts: 1,609 Senior Member
    BB&N has demonstrated that it believes in you and your potential. Honor their faith in you by giving it your very best!
  • YoungThriverYoungThriver Registered User Posts: 483 Member
    For Andover, I don’t think it’ll hurt to ask for aid because it wouldn’t be a factor in your admissions decision. They are completely need-blind.

    Exeter is need-aware but I found them to be very generous when it comes to aid. I’ve also never heard of anyone being WL’ed at Exeter for aid.
  • sgopal2sgopal2 Registered User Posts: 3,298 Senior Member
    A and don't look back.

    Why on earth would PEA or Andover accept you? Even if you did well at BBN, they would have no reason to poach a kid from a peer institution. They don't like to do that, unless you have a very valid reason for transfer. Transferring for the sake of prestige is not going to cut it.
  • TheSwamiTheSwami Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    BB&N was on our list. It is an amazing school. @M0hammad I know you don’t want to hear this but I suspect your outcomes (education, development, college admissions, etc.) will not be different if you go to and embrace BB&N. Never look back. As they say, play the hand you are dealt.

    IMO, if you are planning to borrow money if you got into Andover as a FP applicant and you are not doing that for BB&N, it is a really bad idea. The schools are not so different that one is worth getting into debt with your family.
  • skieuropeskieurope Super Moderator Posts: 42,049 Super Moderator
    edited April 15
    I’m starting to wonder if I should ask any of my rather wealthy relatives if they could loan me some money if I get accepted, so I could say on my application that I don’t need financial aid. Right now I need 90% financial aid, which I’m afraid might hurt my chances if I do decide to apply.
    Please understand that there is a difference between being condescendingly rude and with being frank and know that I am trying very very hard for the latter. That said, it's statements like this that make me wonder if you are ready for PA/PEA. If you had done any research, you should not have made that statement I quoted. Additionally, 90% FA is still $50K. Assuming a rich relative lends this cash. how.pray tell, would you pay this back?
    I’m starting to think I should at least see if I enjoy it at BB&N before I start getting too attached to either Andover or Exeter.
    What you are "starting to think" are things that many of us have said to you all along. I would suggest that you think things through; that is a life skill which will be crucial for your academic success at BB&N and beyond. Good luck.
  • M0hammadM0hammad Registered User Posts: 127 Junior Member
    Thank you all. (A) it is! Also, what I meant was I need 90% off the tuition, so 10% of the total. I just realized that asking for loans is a very illogical idea, and I really need to give the hope of attending Andover up.
  • dogsmama1997dogsmama1997 Registered User Posts: 430 Member
    If BB&N gave you that much financial aid you should be going and not giving it a second thought. It is a VERY impressive school. Many of the kids who go here are the children of the smartest people in the Boston area. It’s acceptance rate is not dissimilar to Andover’s (I can look up the stats, I think they came in the acceptance packet), it just isn’t a boarding school. BB&N thrives on being close to the city and using those resources to make the educational experience robust and unique. I know Andover grabbed your heart but you’d be crazy to turn down the opportunity you have been given.
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