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Asking for recommendations

tiffy1010tiffy1010 12 replies8 threads Junior Member
I’ve heard that you can ask for recommendations from the coaches and music teachers at boarding schools. How and what is the best way to go about doing this? And should I meet up with them during the interview and visit at the school?
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Replies to: Asking for recommendations

  • YoungThriverYoungThriver 474 replies46 threads Member
    I’ve heard of coaches vouching for applicants who happen to be star athletes but I’ve yet to hear of coaches writing recommendations for applicants.
    (Do they?)

    (From what I’ve read on these forums) in order to get on some sort of “recruiting” or “considering” list, you’d have to demonstrate your athletic prowess to the appropriate coach(es). This is (again, from what I’ve read), usually done by sending said coach(es) a video of your highlight reels.

    Also, a recommendation from your actual coach speaking of how much of a team player you are would be great.

    Do you play an instrument? Whenever they need to fill a spot in the orchestra or band, it can be a bit advantageous in admissions to have the ability to fill in that spot.

    Also, I don’t think you’re likely to meet coaches during personal interviews. Interviews in the fall are most likely to occur during classes where instructors will be teaching, coaches will be coaching, and music teachers will be busy conducting. The most I’ve interacted with a teacher during a tour/interview was at Exeter, where I peeked into a classroom to say hi to a math teacher who seemed to be grading student’s works.

    Don’t take everything I’ve said too seriously since I don’t know everything. I just regurgitated everything I’ve read about this topic since I signed up on this site ~10 months ago.

    Hope this was helpful.
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  • springfield18springfield18 77 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I sent videos to coaches starting in mid-September. Just about all of them directed me to the admissions team, or in some cases CCed them on their reply email, but at the very least, they were able to see my abilities. Some even referenced the video in their reply. On my interviews, I met with all coaches for my sport either before or right after my core interview and campus tour. I will say that I play a winter sport so my coaches were available to meet during my November tour.
    When you submit an initial information sheet, most schools will ask for your primary areas of interest. One very popular school made sure that I met with three coaches for my primary interests before my interview. At most schools, after you have set up a campus interview, most coaches will be delighted to coordinate a time to meet.
    Can you ask a coach for a recommendation? That, I'm not sure about, though my guess is that they'll say something if they like what they see in your video.
    I don't play an instrument but I really can't see how the process would be different with music teachers than coaches.
    So, yes, you can absolutely ask to meet with coaches and music teachers during your interview, and most will be happy to grant this. Asking for recommendations is not something I would suggest. Of course you can, but if they really like your work/video and really want you, they will speak up.
    The window shopping part of the process can be really fun, so start making the list of schools that interest you now and reach out to schools early next month. Remember, interview slots in the fall (especially on holiday weekends) go quickly.
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  • one1ofeachone1ofeach 1139 replies22 threads Senior Member
    Check out school websites and make sure you’ve filled out the athletic interest form. Coaches will absolutely meet with you on your interview day if you play at a high level. I think you meant that school coaches would support your application not that you’d get a recommendation from them? Usually after seeing you play, in person or on video, they will tell you if they will support your application with admissions. Current coaches, at your current school or club, can absolutely be asked for a recommendation letter.
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  • CTMom21CTMom21 606 replies2 threads Member
    Depending on the school, the sport, the need, and level of talent, coaches will advocate (to varying degrees) for a student athlete with the admissions office. As far as a written recommendation, I don’t know; DS’s club coach wrote recommendations for his schools, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about. It’s good to be proactive contacting the relevant coaches at the schools and asking what they want in terms of film or contacts.
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