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Chance Me (Private School)

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I am in eighth grade and was thinking whether or not I should retake the SSAT and want your input. Also, please chance me for the following schools: Choate, Taft, Hotchkiss, and Loomis based on the information below.

SSAT - 86%-ile
GPA (unweighted) - 3.875 (I take Algebra II though)

Interviews (Highly Subjective):
Choate - 9/10 The interviewer was really interested in my passions and we had an entire discussion about New York City's transportation system and as well as the political system.
Taft - 8/10 She didn't seem quite interested in myself and asked usual questions about schools and grades.
Hotchkiss - 7/10 The interviewer most likely didn't want the interview to go past fifteen minutes so I'm not confident that I did exceptionally well compared to others.
Loomis - 8.5/10 We had a pretty good discussion about how I'm pursuing my interests and what I could do for Loomis.

Subjects Recommendation (Highly Subjective Again):
Math: 8/10 My school has Algebra I and II in 8th grade, and one would need to take a test to get in (which I did). While I got in, math is my worst grade in terms of grades (86%). The teacher likes me a little, but the teacher likes everyone.
English: 9/10 The English teacher really likes me (the teacher coaches cross country), and I generally do well with my assignments and am one of the better students in the class.

Personal Rec: 9.5/10 I started playing piano eight or so years ago so my piano teacher knows me really well, so I don't think the personal recommendation letter has any problems.
Guidance Councilor: 8.5/10 The Guidance Councilor likes everyone on our grade and she knows me but I usually only go to her when I have really big problems that my teachers or I can't fix.

Sports: Cross Country (competitively), Tennis + Track (non-competitively)
Instruments: As mentioned earlier I play the piano. I've also accompanied the choir in seventh and eighth grade. I also play the cello, in which I am in my orchestra and was in Chamber Orchestra until seventh grade, and in eighth grade, I founded a small ensemble which performs in different casual spaces, we will also be performing in a couple months at our school. I also have a private teacher.

Other Extra: Student Council Representative (my first year), I also regularly participate in our Yearbook Club, I was in our Debate Club and Flim+Photography Club in seventh grade, and took Future Problem Solving (a team competition) for three years and got into the State Bowl last year.

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