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Sports recruitment

soulsurvivorsoulsurvivor 4 replies2 threads New Member
How important is a sport recruitment recommendation from a coach? Does it make a big impact on your chances if a coach writes a letter to admissions that they would like you on their team?
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Replies to: Sports recruitment

  • one1ofeachone1ofeach 811 replies17 threads Member
    Very much depends on the school and the coach and the applicant’s other qualifications. So if an applicant is academically in line a coach’s support will help at most schools. If an applicant is below the average academically there are some schools that will take them if a coach wants them and some that will not.

    In my experience it’s more than “a letter.” I’ve witnessed conversations and I think that’s a more likely scenario.

    If you want to talk about specific schools those of us with knowledge of those schools might be more helpful.
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  • 417WHB417WHB 205 replies4 threads Junior Member
    They don't write a letter, they either call or walk to the admissions office and talk. If your academics are in the ballpark and you are full pay it is as good of a hook as you can get. If not, it may be less helpful but still a plus depending on a lot of other factors. Also depends on the sport, they care about some a lot more than others (and this varies by the school too).
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