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Hotchkiss v. DA (STEM)

hellothreadhellothread 0 replies1 threads New Member
I got accepted into The Hotchkiss School and Deerfield Academy and now I have to make a decision between the two. I'm a big STEM person, so I was wondering if anyone could expand on the STEM opportunities at each school? Can anyone tell me which school has better STEM programs? This includes both courses as well as after-school activities, but I want to know which one would give me a better STEM experience overall. Thanks!
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Replies to: Hotchkiss v. DA (STEM)

  • HkissParentHkissParent 15 replies0 threads Junior Member
    In case you haven't seen it, here was a recent article Hotchkiss did on their STEM program:
    And I'm sure you've seen the EFX lab:

    With that said, I don't know as much about the details on the Deerfield side, but from what I do know, Hotchkiss and Deerfield are more similar than different. Similar size, similar geographical location, similar feel from our experience. Both are great schools. I'm sure you'd be happy and have great STEM (and other) opportunities at either one. Flip a coin! :-)
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  • CalliemomofgirlsCalliemomofgirls 393 replies16 threads Member
    This is totally a small data point, but did you attend the HK revisit day? It made ME want to take science, and that says something!
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  • Golfgr8Golfgr8 1582 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Deerfield has an amazing variety of STEM courses. Fantastic science-math facilities along with great faculty. Kiddo loves the robotics program, intense computer science program - teaching students from initial coding thru advance CPing. We can speak to you about the Architecture and design courses, also. Feel free to PM us for specifics. Hoping to take the electric car engineering course next year! There are courses in electrical engineering, bio-medical sciences, neuroscience, and data analytics. More information @ STEM at Deerfield is below:

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  • ens2006ens2006 187 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I applied to both Hotchkiss and Deerfield. I don't know too much about the nitty-gritty of their STEM programs, but in my opinion I think that Deerfield seems more Humanitites oriented.
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  • Golfgr8Golfgr8 1582 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Hi @ens2006 ...I’m not sure why you may have that impression...maybe because of the general traditional vibe? Maybe because the school didn’t do a good job of generating awareness about there fantastic offerings? I am not discounting your opinion. Actually, we did not pick up on the great STEM programming until we went back for Revisit. Unfortunately, this year’s accepted students won’t have the chance to meet the faculty or see the facilities.

    FWIW kiddo had to make that choice like yourself. We have friends at Hotchkiss also. GolfKiddo is a STEM kid, so I can answer any questions you may have about the courses and electives. One of the reasons GolfKiddo chose Deerfield was because there were classes that one could take right away - as a Freshman - you didn’t have to take a bunch of courses first and wait. Really intense learning with small classes in the science electives taken so far. Kiddo jumped right into a STEM elective in 9th grade. Kiddo also liked the project-based offerings in the sciences - including computer science, Biomedical research, EV Engineering, and experimental neurology. The teachers are really great and are very accessible . I know the computer science faculty are amazing and prepare you well for pursuing that focus of study in college.

    Do check out the course catalogue. If you have questions about a particular interest area, feel free to PM me.

    Either way...you are fortunate and will be getting a great education.

    Good luck!
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  • iamprospectiveiamprospective 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi @Golfgr8,

    You seem to know a lot about these kinds of boarding schools. Can you tell me more about the international programs as well? Which school has more/better international travel opportunities?
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  • Golfgr8Golfgr8 1582 replies24 threads Senior Member
    edited March 29
    hi @iamprospective - I know both Hotchkiss & DA have excellent international study programs and there are legendary stories about the travels....including one @ Hotchkiss kids going to Antarctica. Both schools had been involved in Round Square at one time - not sure if they still are. During Revisit a couple of years ago, Hotchkiss made an excellent presentation about their overseas study programs and community service opportunities. This year, it’s just a huge disappointment for the students (including mine).

    @ Deerfield: The thing that is of particular interest to my kiddo at DA was the chance to spend a couple of weeks over Spring Break at the Kings School in Jordan. Deerfield has something called the GSGC Travel Programs. You can find out more on the website. There are programs during winter break, spring break, and over the summer. There is also financial aid for these programs. The programs are led by Deerfield faculty and have a focus of global citizenship, as well as environmentalism and community service. For example, there were trips planned this year to France, Spain, Scotland (theatre trip), Tanzania, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, China, Mexico, There are some students that take advantage of the School Year Abroad program. Some go for a summer program intensive. There are also grants available for summer service projects.
    edited March 29
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