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Select Boarding School College Matriculation Rates

TripleCrown33TripleCrown33 23 replies6 threads Junior Member
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Annual College Matriculation Rates at Select Boarding Schools

Andover, Choate, Deerfield, Exeter, Groton, Hotchkiss, Lawrenceville, St. Paul’s

Top 13 (Ivies, Chicago, Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, Duke)

Andover 31.6%
Lawrenceville 29.6%
Hotchkiss 28.7%
Groton 27.9%
Exeter 27.5%
Deerfield 27.3%
Choate 25.8%
(*Stanford/MIT data not available for St. Paul’s)


Andover 9.6%
Groton 9.3%
Lawrenceville 8.5%
Hotchkiss 8.3%
St. Paul's 8.2%
Choate 7.9%
Exeter 7.1%
Deerfield 6.6%


Andover 13.7%
Groton 11.3%
Exeter 10.9%
Lawrenceville 10.4%
Hotchkiss 9.7%
Choate 9.3%
Deerfield 8.6%
(*Stanford/MIT data not available for St. Paul’s)


St. Paul's 27.6%
Andover 26.0%
Hotchkiss 25.9%
Lawrenceville 25.4%
Deerfield 23.1%
Groton 23.1%
Choate 22.5%
Exeter 22.1%

*(2017-2019 from Lawrenceville, Andover & Exeter School Profiles)
*(2016-2019 from SPS & Hotchkiss School Profiles)
*(2016-2018 from Deerfield Scroll, self-reported, # students = those reporting)
*(2015-2019 from Groton and Choate School Profiles)

Pretty narrow range among the schools.

Not sure what the Yale and Princeton faculty admission effect is on rates at Choate and Lawrenceville.
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Replies to: Select Boarding School College Matriculation Rates

  • Golfgr8Golfgr8 1581 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Do you have stats on top boarding school NCAA recruitment- scholarship and matriculation?
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  • CaliMexCaliMex 2247 replies35 threads Senior Member
    These stats mean little unless you can subtract legacies from the list


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  • Happytimes2001Happytimes2001 1971 replies13 threads Senior Member
    On our boarding school journey we thought matriculation rates were really important. We no longer do. Now halfway down the road with my oldest and having looked at more than 10 schools, I would say be very careful re: matriculation. Some schools keep lists for 5+ years. Some have huge numbers of legacies for particular schools based on where they are located. Some place many Div I athletes and recruit top 8th graders who are leaning in this direction. Some have lots of very high income folks ( billionaires, the famous, kids of high ranking government officials). Unless your kid is in one of these categories look at the school instead. Also ask schools if you have a question about a specific college. My 2024 did not see a school on the list that may be of interest. Yet they sent 4 kids in recent years ( this BS only counts where kids went and one went after a gap year and 3 more were accepted and went elsewhere).
    Also, look at the international stats. Is your BS sending kids to Oxford, London School of Economics and highly ranked schools across the world? Did you know that some of these schools are equal to US ranked Universities but kids want to return home or to have an international experience. Also, how many schools and which schools do they count as Ivy like? Does that include the small Ivies like Williams, tech schools like MIT and Caltech or purely the Ivy league? It matters.
    Lastly, a kid who is at the very top of the heap is likely to have the same results at many schools. This includes public, private day, BS ( highest ranked and medium ranked) and so on. In fact, in many cases attending a large public school can be easier for entrance to some of the highest-ranked schools.
    I'm not worried about the college my kids will attend. High school is about high school not about college entrance.
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