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Can I Convince my Parents to let me attend boarding school?

lavendervanillalavendervanilla 2 replies1 threads New Member
Hey College Confidential,

Yesterday I found out that I have been accepted into both of the boarding schools that I applied to. One is in Italy and one is in Switzerland. It is my dream to attend an international boarding school, not only to experience new cultures but also to have a more stable environment. (My parents are divorced and I miss out on a lot of my sports events and social time with friends because I am in a different city with my dad most weekends -- obviously I love spending time with both my parents but this situation has proven to be a bit difficult for me, especially now in high school.)

Both schools are expensive; even though I was awarded a $35,000 scholarship to one, my parents still say it's too costly. I really don't know much about my parents financial situation, but I'm pretty sure we are in the upper middle class. Right now I go to a private school that costs about $15,000 a year, but we aren't very happy with the school and are considering transferring anyways. I know that it is their decision whether or not they want to pay that amount of money for a boarding school, and I certainly respect that. But I don't know whether we can't afford it or whether they just don't believe that it is worth the cost. Do you think there is any way to convince them of how badly I want to attend one of these boarding schools and prove that I would take full advantage of the education I would be receiving?

I am starting to work on a slide presentation but it's a bit difficult since I can't present it to both parents at the same time. (I'm with my dad right now for spring break and don't see my mom for another two weeks.) We have to pay the deposit within 14 days of being accepted. I understand that there would certainly be ups and downs to my experience at boarding school, and that it wouldn't guarantee me success in life, but I wish I could help that understand what it means to me. As someone who is very academically determined, I feel like this would be a great opportunity for me but I still don't know if the cost is truly worth it to them.
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Replies to: Can I Convince my Parents to let me attend boarding school?

  • thumper1thumper1 78008 replies3497 threads Senior Member
    edited April 8
    First....we have a prep school section on this forum so don’t be surprised if this gets moved.

    It sounds like you just applied to these international boarding schools without the OK from your parents.

    I’m sorry, but cost very much could be a factor. At some point, you probably are going to want their help paying for college, right?

    I think you are going to need to listen to your parents on this one.

    Keep in mind that with the current health crisis, many folks are losing jobs or are in jeopardy of losing jobs.

    There is also no guarantee that international travel will even resume by the time school starts. Italy is a particular hot spot. Some parts of Switzerland are too.

    ETA...just curious. What state are you in that school is still in session? The very vast majority of students are not going to school in person, and are doing virtual learning...public and private schools.

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  • lavendervanillalavendervanilla 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Yes, I completely agree with the cost factor. I also understand the possibility that travel won't resume by August or September when school starts back up.

    My parents have been very supportive of me applying to these schools, but they also are very realistic with me about their opinion on the cost. I am doing everything I can right now to try and raise funds to help pay for it. I have applied to a few separate high school scholarships, but none are of significant amount and there are very few scholarships for high school out there. I know that disappointment is an inevitable part of life, and I don't feel entitled to being allowed to attend boarding school.

    That being said, I wonder if there is anything else I or my family can do before giving up on the opportunity.
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  • lavendervanillalavendervanilla 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Oh, my school is also out. I'm doing Distance Learning.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11184 replies146 threads Senior Member
    I do not know anything about Italian boarding schools, but Swiss schools tend to be expensive & populated by students from very wealthy families. If tuition cost is a concern, I wonder if you might be uncomfortable in such a wealthy environment.
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  • 2plustrio2plustrio 305 replies5 threads Member
    What would be your parents final costs?

    I dont think you are going to sell your parents on a "more stable environment" over in Europe. I suggest you sit down and talk to them about what activities are important to you and see if your dad can help accommodate those so you don't feel like you are missing out.
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