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How Strict?

EmilytheWiseEmilytheWise Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
edited August 2008 in Prep School Admissions
I'm wondering how strict certain schools are... I don't mean dress code (I'm actually looking forward to formal dress, isn't that weird?!) but more along the lines of lights out, internet-cut-off, phone's being taken away during study hours, cell phones, and general supervision. Like, how strict is the school restricting your non-academic and non-atheletic (free) time.

Any schools that people know about would be great, but I'm interested especially in:
St. Paul's
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Replies to: How Strict?

  • VF08VF08 Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    I can tell you about Exeter...

    Internet: cuts off at 11 on school nights, 1am on non-school nights (which is only Saturday night). Student Council has been looking at changing it for a while. It is sort of annoying, but it gets you off facebook. You still have access to network resources- email, blackboard, etc- so it's not too awful.
    Phones: never shut off. Cell phones aren't regulated, either.
    Lights out: it varies by dorm. If you read the e-book (I think you can get it online) you'll see the formal rules regarding lights out. I don't even know what they are, however, because my dorm didn't enforce lights out AT ALL. It's the same thing with check-in. The hours are the same across the board, but some dorms are more lenient than others about being a few minutes late or checking out of the dorm or things like that.
    General supervision: your free time is yours. No one's going to tell you what to do with it, unless you're failing your classes and are on academic probation. As long as you're not breaking any rules, no one's going to care what you're doing. You can also walk into town whenever you want- no checking out or anything like that. I loved that about Exeter. There is a form you have to fill out to leave campus for a night or weekend or something, and it's sort of annoying, but it's a liability thing.
  • EmilytheWiseEmilytheWise Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    Exeter is the school I have the most information on, and also my first choice. A lot of that is because of all the stuff you said- they give the students a lot of freedom. :) I'm trying to find "safety schools" and other schools to apply to other than Exeter, but I don't want to go to some ultraconservative school that monitors your every move. Bleh!!
  • sugerkimsugerkim Registered User Posts: 388 Member
    Andover is very similar to Exeter in regards to rules, but there are a few differences.
    The internet is never shut off, even on school nights. There is a 1GB per week downloading rule though.
    Freshmen have lights out at 11. Lowers are supposed to be in their own room after 11 on school nights. Everyone except seniors must sign out to a place of study between 8 and 10pm (dorm counts as a study place). The enforcement of the rules varies between dorms.
    You can go into town during your free time, but need permission to drive with a day student or leave town boundaries.
    I never felt too restricted until the end of senior year, but even then I felt most of the rules were reasonable.
  • artsmartartsmart Registered User Posts: 333 Member
    do day students need permission to go into dorms [of the same gender]?
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    I don't think so. I don't go there, but I've read the E-Book and Parent's Book and stuff, and it only talked about opposite sex.
  • GoSPSx3GoSPSx3 Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    St. Paul's is one of the least strict.
    We have no lights out. Internet use is shut off at midnight, so are incoming phone calls.
    We have intervis (guys can visit girls room, girls can visit guys) from like 7-9pm i think. they changed the hours around this year.
    were allowed to have cell phones, phones dont get taken away
    check in is 9pm for 9th graders, 9:30pm for 10th and 11th and 10pm for 12th
    we have classes until 3ish then sports till 5ish. then from 5-9 you have no commitments (unless for clubs etc) except seated days.
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    Wow SPS sounds really nice.
  • prettyckittyprettyckitty Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    I love that our Internet is never shut off. It's excellent.
    Andover is quite lenient on rules. I really like that we can be out (technically in a place of study, but almost every building on campus is a place of study) until 10. Very convenient for library access and the like.
    I enjoy the fact that we have study hours from 8-11, because it means clubs can't meet, and it gives you a nice time to get work done.
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    That's really awesome! How was your admissions process, by the way? Also, what are you ECs, grades? I'm trying to get a feel if I have a shot at Andover, Exeter, etc.
  • prettyckittyprettyckitty Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    These we my stats as I wrote them last year:
    Prep Stats
    Applying to:
    Phillips Academy, Andover
    Groton School
    Phillips Exeter Academy
    Deerfield Academy
    Milton Academy
    St. Paul’s School
    St. Mark’s School
    Concord Academy
    Plus three day schools.
    Grades and Currant Classes:
    Honors Geometry
    Independent PE
    Independent Work Experience
    English 8
    U.S. History
    French II
    4.0 throughout middle school, every class, every quarter
    Writing (novels)
    Fencing (Competitively, no awards)
    I work in a sixth grade classroom five days a week, 2+ hours a day
    Oxford Royale Academy (academic boarding camp at Oxford University)
    Location: Berkeley, California and Tucson, Arizona
    Ethnicity: British Isles, Jewish, Western Europe (white)
    Sex: Female
    SSAT: 99th percentile in everything and overall
    Recommendations and Interviews:
    Excellent recommendations from all teachers, coaches, and tutors. Recommendations from (depending on what the school requests): honors geometry teacher, English teacher, science teacher, French teacher, recent writing tutor, fencing instructor, sixth grade teacher that I assist, who also taught me.
    Excellent interviews so far. Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, Concord, Milton, and St. Mark’s were all on-campus with an adcom; St. Paul’s (soon Groton) by phone with an adcom. St. Mark’s and Exeter were definitely were and I think Andover, Milton, and St. Paul’s with the Director of Admission. All were excellent; Andover, Milton, and St. Mark’s went exceptionally well.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • artsmartartsmart Registered User Posts: 333 Member
    where did u get n? and/or waitlisted/rejected?
  • prettyckittyprettyckitty Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    Right, all that:
    Accepted: Andover, Exeter, Concord, Milton, St. Mark's.
    Waitlisted: St. Paul's, Deerfield, Groton.
    My dad called the schools to tell them to take me off the waitlist, and he asked why at one, I can't remember which. They said it was b/c I listed fencing as a major ec, and they didn't offer it. But I don't know.
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    Wow. You're... really good. Suddenly, I feel a lot less confident. But it's all about what you can offer to the campus- they didn't have fencing, so they waitlisted you. Smart.
  • prettyckittyprettyckitty Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    I was good in some ways, less in others. You'll notice, I didn't have any particular awards in ECs, nor did I have a long laundry list for them. I think what worked for me were strong SSAT scores, unusual ECs, and essays.
    In retrospect, I'm glad they waitlisted me. I didn't become very serious about fencing until recently; if I had gone to a school without it, and I might have, I probably wouldn't be.
    Is there anything in particular that you're worried about?
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    I don't have many awards either, and I need a large (LARGE) amount of financial aid, and that, no matter what, puts me at risk. I am very dedicated, however to my extracurriculars, with 5+ years in drama (5 productions), going on 5 seasons in volleyball, 4 running seasons (two track and two cross country), and going on 5 years of instruction in instrumental and vocal (I play the oboe, which is rather unique). I'm worried that I won't have an amazing SSAT or GPA, which puts my chance for financial aid at prestigious schools at risk, especially since I'm not nationally ranked or super-smart or anything. I'm high on the end of average, or low on the end of smart/excellent.
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