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Where Should I Apply?

SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
edited August 2008 in Prep School Admissions
I am a 9th grader this fall, and want to apply to boarding school for my 10th grade year. I have a few schools in mind but I can't apply to them all because of distance and time constraints.
My grades are (for my 8th grade school year):
English: A
Social Studies: A+
Science: A+
Math: A+
Spanish (regents class): A+

My overall average was a 97.63

I participated in Band for the past 4 years (Elementary and Junior High), Chorus for four years also, and am continuing Band next year. I had significant roles in two drama productions in the past two years. I participated in All-County Band and Chorus for 3 years and performed NYSSMA solos for 3 years in band and two years in chorus.

I have played four seasons of volleyball, two seasons of junior high and two seasons of club (intramural). I will be continuing with JV volleyball this year and another season of club. I ran two years of junior high cross country and one year of junior high track. Last year I ran varsity track.

I am also participating in Envirathon, which is very competitive for our school, seeing as we placed in Nationals the last three years. I will be auditioning for a part in a theatre production by an independent company (not through my school.)

This is my "preliminary" list. I've done minimal research into all of them expect Exeter (haven't had time). It has a ton of schools, and I need to bring it down to about 4-5. 6 at most. I need one or two reach schools, and one or two reasonable schools, and at least one safety.

Loomis Chaffee
St. Pauls

Also, i need a full ride scholarship. My mother is teacher and makes $40,000 a year, about, and my dad is a "student" and makes $15,000. Without all of my tuition and most fees paid, I can't go to boarding school.

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Replies to: Where Should I Apply?

  • hickton45hickton45 Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    Did "EmilytheWise" get a new screenname?
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    Yeah. The whole "don't share your name" thing... that I didn't read. I didn't think it very wise to share that my old sn was EmilytheWise, because that's almost a bad as having that screenname.
  • warriorboy648warriorboy648 Registered User Posts: 787 Member
    That's a great list of schools. The fact that you need fa makes it so that no school is really a safety. Six of your schools are difficult to get into and the other 2 are becoming more competetive each year. My suggestion (we also needed fa) is to find a couple schools that you like that might be a little easier to get into. It appears that you are looking for a school in New England. We know people who will be attending Berkshire, Pomfret and St. George's. They are all thrilled with their choices. Not sure what the admit stats are...
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    warriorboy648: thank you! Is it really terribly hard to get FA and still get into a good school? D:
  • hickton45hickton45 Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    I think the concern is regarding last names rather than first names. Though, I still understand were you are coming from.

    ...Also, sometimes having a longer screenname is detrimental when someone is referring to you. But when you have a short, simple screenname, you don't have that problem.
  • cnp55cnp55 Registered User Posts: 3,778 Senior Member
    I'm thinking that you should check out Westover and some of the other girls' schools. Awesome education ... supportive environment ... and perhaps more FA available for someone with your stats?

    As a former Chaffee girl ... from the merging years ... I am still a strong proponent of women's education. If you are going to be in Connecticut looking at school, check out Westover and Miss Porters at least.
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    An all-girl's school is kind of off the list completely... For one thing, I want the social skills that comes from dealing with the opposite sex daily. All-girl's schools are great education and a wonderful community, but they're missing that social area that would make boarding school complete for me.
  • Burb ParentBurb Parent Registered User Posts: 2,100 Senior Member
    While your credentials are very impressive, 6 of your schools are reaches for almost everyone. As I'm sure you realize, Loomis and NMH are not as competitive as the other 6, but they are selective. Just remember that you will be competing with accomplished people like yourself. You certainly seem to be a strong candidate.

    My suggestion to you is to tour these schools as early as possible. You can refine your list once you understand what you are looking for in a school. If an Oct. administration of the SSAT is offered within a one hour drive of where you live, you can take the early administration. This will tell you if you are in the ballpark for some of your schools. Some people visit a school and take the Oct. SSAT at that school. You can tour and interview at a school without applying.

    I saw on another thread that you were considering Blair If after you refine what you want in a school and Blair looks interesting, feel free to pm me with questions. Their college matriculation is great Blair Academy - Admission. As you can see, top students do very well. It's the only school I know well. I'm sure there are others.
  • nylecoj007nylecoj007 Registered User Posts: 509 Member
    Burb Parent-

    Glad you mentioned Blair. S and I were just discussing it at length yesterday. One question re the proportion of males/females:

    "The composition of the 2007–08 student body was as follows: senior class and postgraduate year, 74 boys, 51 girls; junior class, 71 boys, 47 girls; sophomore class, 60 boys, 47 girls; and freshman class, 52 boys, 39 girls. Of the total enrollment of 441, there were 106 day and 335 boarding students."

    Mind you, this ratio doesn't pose a significant problem whatsoever for either of us...there are some things about the school that we both find appealing, causing us to take a hard look. We were just trying to understand the drivers of the male/female ratio, if any. By accident or by design?

    Do you have any insight? Thanks.

    <<apologies if I'm veering off-topic, OP>>
  • Burb ParentBurb Parent Registered User Posts: 2,100 Senior Member
    I don't think it's by design. I don't have any insight into Blair Admissions, but I can take a few guesses.

    For one, Blair has what is often referred to as the best wrestling program in the country. That is a sport that attracts few women. Over the last 10 years, I know they have been building their arts programs. I've heard an admissions person mention that more boys accept admissions offers than girls. If you have a daughter, I'm guessing that she would have a slight admissions advantage.

    My suggestion is to visit Blair and ask Admissions directly. BTW, my son doesn't even notice that there are more boys than girls.

    While I've heard (never saw) that the freshman girls' dorm is typical, there is a magnificent girls' dorm called Annie's Hall, which I think is for 10th grade and above. If you have a daughter, be sure to check it out when you visit.
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    I've sort of limited my choices... Also, I'm taking the advice of someone (sorry, I forget the name) that I shouldn't go by "reach schools" and "safety schools", just schools that match me. That'll be more apparent when I take the SSAT, but as for my current school grades and ECs, I think that I'll be checking out/applying to Andover, Exeter, Choate, and NMH. I know these are all very selective but we can't afford to apply and visit each of these schools because of travel costs, application fees, and time constaints. My mom is a teacher and can't take very many days off but wants to be as involved in the interview and touring process as possible.
    So, my final four (as of today. It'll probably change):
  • prettyckittyprettyckitty Registered User Posts: 1,363 Senior Member
    All four are excellent schools. I understand your position (I didn't need a full scholarship, but I did need a substantial one.) The difficult you face is that the schools that can guarantee you a full scholarship (which both Andover and Exeter would be able to) are pretty exclusively reach schools; schools that would be safeties for you all have smaller endowments, and might not be able to afford as much FA.
    That said, those four are an excellent list. I would warn you that it is possible you could be rejected from all of them. You could also be accepted to all--from your given stats, that seems reasonable--but there really is no guarantee, so you if you want to keep your list that small, you need to be prepared for that.
    It will be easier to know when you get your SSAT scores, so put them up when you get them, if you would.
  • hsmomstefhsmomstef Registered User Posts: 3,579 Senior Member
    a few things you might want to know -- you do not have to visit the school to apply (that is true for most). My son was admitted with full rides to several schools that we did not visit (same problem -- time and money). In fact, the best FA packages came from schools we did not visit.

    if you are low-income (which you are) you can ask for a waiver for both the admission fees and the ssat test -- so you can apply to more schools without it costing you much more than time and some postage. Every school on my son's list gave him the waiver with no issues. You can also get a waiver to apply for FA.

    I would highly suggest you consider applying to at least 10 schools, unless you are happy at your current school.

    If you are interested in the environment (which it sounds like you might be) take a close look at Putney, Midland, Thacher and Conserve. FA at all locations was excellent for my son. Conserve is very active in Envirothon and the FA is great there -- plus, you can apply early and get an early decision back, so you don't have to stress so much in spring. If get an acceptance in October/November it would be your safety.
  • SaerSaer Registered User Posts: 1,494 Senior Member
    hsmomstef- thanks so much! That was a lot of useful info. I've decided that, if my mom agrees, I should apply to those 8 schools I listed.
  • hsmomstefhsmomstef Registered User Posts: 3,579 Senior Member
    I would add a few schools in that are not so competitive -- however, if you ssat scores are high and you can get excellent recs, you will probably get into at least one with the fa you need.
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