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Please tell me this is not going on in secondary school!!!


Replies to: Please tell me this is not going on in secondary school!!!

  • PeriwinklePeriwinkle Registered User Posts: 3,505 Senior Member
    Sentences to ponder:
    Nationwide, only 2 percent of students who have taken the SAT over the past 10 years have done so untimed. Most of these students' diagnoses are presumably genuine. But in places like Greenwich, Conn., and certain zip codes of New York City and Los Angeles, the percentage of untimed test-taking is said to be close to 50 percent.

    Taking the SAT untimed. - By Arthur Allen - Slate Magazine
  • catgcatg Registered User Posts: 516 Member
    well there you have it. it makes me sick.
  • cdnhockeymomcdnhockeymom Registered User Posts: 273 Junior Member
    I have a niece who has ADD. She had to go through 5 months of psychological and cognitive tests plus long questionnaires for her teachers,family etc before she was diagnosed. She is not hyper but has great difficulty focusing. She was years behind as far as social interaction because she was never catching the subtle signs of body language, intonation etc. She went on ritalin and since has progressed fantastically. A huge difference. She has tried going off a couple times over the past 4 years but always falls behind when she does so. This drug has made her life far more manageable and she is happier. Because of the problems she had before, she was becoming severely depressed and angry but after experiencing success with her peers and in school, life is much better.
    Maybe ADD/ADHD is highly overdiagnosed due to parents/teachers/Drs with alterior motives but it is a real disorder that should not be rejected simply because it is overused.
    As for drug use, children who "truly" have ADD, are impulsive and as such, far more prone to abuse illicit drugs. When treated with ritalin however, they are able to listen to the control center of their brain and reject the impulsivity that leads them to drug abuse. Studies have show that untreated ADD teenagers have a higher rate of drug use than treated teenagers...
    As for timed/untimed SAT, would the College not secretly think less of the untimed score?
  • catgcatg Registered User Posts: 516 Member
    the colleges are not aware that the scores are untimed. has to do with a lawsuit,
  • benevolent4thembenevolent4them Registered User Posts: 1,154 Senior Member
    I don't need drugs. If I need to stay up late I pack down a couple vaults. Those usually do the trick. They keep you awake.
  • SarumSarum Registered User Posts: 1,145 Senior Member
    I love the way posts can go "POOF" on CC!!!
  • BowryandBunniesBowryandBunnies Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    every kid in my class who ever got a C on a test "has ADD"
    There are some kids who have real ADD, and when you meet them, you can TELL.
    but at my school no one has ADD.
    It's just a bunch of lazy rich kids who want extra time on tests.
    i wish they would just make ridilin availible to the public
    its super unfair
  • istoleyournose!istoleyournose! Registered User Posts: 607 Member
    K a couple of things:
    1.cdnhockeymom, as a kid with ADD I completely agree with most everything you said
    2. You guys are just like an angry mob. You don't know what the heck ADD is other than it means someone has a hard time paying attention so you assume if someone isn't jumping up and down like they're retard, they don't have ADD. As far as the extra time on tests, thats just stupid. It's not just a freaking doctors note you need. There's a whole application for extra time, go to the SAT website and you'll find it. You can't just hand them a note. The amount of extra time depends on the severity of the learning disorder and the effectiveness of the medication.
    3. Why did all those posts get deleted?
    4. For kids, like me, with ADD ritalin and other meds don't even bring us up to a normal level of functioning. You can say I'm just procrastinating but when I sit in my swivel chair blankly looking at my math text book from 8pm to 4am, some red flags definitely have to be raised. Even with ritalin, all the stuff even does for me is make me repulsed by food during lunch slightly jittery all day.
    5. You demonize all kids who take the test with extra time. Most of us, like me, don't even apply for extra time, usually because we wouldn't get it anyway. The kids who do need extra time really do need it.
    6. Stop playing doctor when you have so little experience with the issue.
  • benevolent4thembenevolent4them Registered User Posts: 1,154 Senior Member
    My sister was diagnosed with some crazy learning disabiliy and she gets extra time on her SAT. It's not that she really needs the extra time, but it's fairly easy to get extra time. You just need to pay for a doctor.

    She gets an extra I think 3 hours on the SAT. She tests around 2100 and is going for the 2200 mark. She is also a National Merit scholar.

    So clearly the extra time on tests because of ADD or other funky learning disabilities is just ridiculous. But it's a huge help if you can get diagnosed.
  • BiohelpmomBiohelpmom User Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 319 Junior Member
    Istoleyournose- are you currently in a rigorous pre prep school? I wonder if you feel that the medication will help you focus enough to get through the tremendous workload that you are going to be given at Exeter. One of my kids (in a comparable school) was completely overwhelmed the first year by the 5-6 hours of homework every night. Maybe there was a focus problem there, we never had any testing done. The kid learned to "triage," or do the work that was necessary and ignore the rest.
  • istoleyournose!istoleyournose! Registered User Posts: 607 Member
    I receive about 4 hours of homework per night. Most exeter kids I've met say thats about the same as exeter. I'm trying to deal with it. Thanks for your concern though =)
  • pan1956pan1956 Registered User Posts: 528 Member
    Benevolent, what are "a crazy learning disability" and "funky learning disabilities" as you refer to in post #40 above? What are you talking about?
  • TomTheCatTomTheCat Registered User Posts: 1,659 Senior Member
    Hardly surprising. If these drugs do what they're supposed to, and they clearly do, they would lead to increased cranial function.
  • lemonade1lemonade1 Registered User Posts: 431 Member
    Here's an article about a paper that just came out in the medical journal Pediatrics.

    Meds Help Kids With ADHD in Classroom

    "It's one more important piece of evidence that states clearly that taking the medication isn't just about parents or teachers feeling better about the child or thinking he or she is more compliant," said study author Stephen P. Hinshaw, chair of the department of psychology at University of California, Berkeley. "On an objective, rigorously-designed standardized test of reading and math ability, we have evidence there are 'real world' gains in achievement."
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