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Applicants of 2010

BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Registered User Posts: 2,109 Senior Member
edited August 2013 in Prep School Admissions
So I thought seeing as we seem to be scattered all over the board we could have a central thread to come together and discuss stuff. Like, what lead you to apply for boarding school? Currently what is your favourite school that you're applying to? What essay topic annoys you the most? What part of the application are you most worried about?
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Replies to: Applicants of 2010

  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 Registered User Posts: 3,207 Senior Member
    Well, hello there!
    hmm, lets see. I've wanted to board since like 4th grade. But more so recently b/c I'm sick of the same kids since 2nd grade and I function better in 1 environment + I feel stunted in my current school.

    My fav school...hmm-> I can't decide between Choate, Taft, or NMH they all scream me-ness and they're great!

    I hate when they ask things like "What's your family like?" or "What do you love to do?" or something along those lines. B/c even though they're asking those questions to get a better view of me as an applicant I just find them highly annoying.

    To me "What do you love to do?"= "Now how does that make you feel?"
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Registered User Posts: 2,109 Senior Member
    I know, the deerfield one asks all about yourself and being quite a private person I've found it quite diffficult. I've wanted to board since I was quite young but the fact that when I was 11 most of my friends started boarding and they all love it now. They all seem to have grown up so much and I've been left behind. Not that that's the main reason I'm applying but it got me interested at looking at boarding possibilities. Plus, I move all the time and Id love to spend more than 1 year at a school.
  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) Registered User Posts: 824 Member
    ok, so I've been wanting to go to boarding school since like 5th grade. And same thing as Rad-in-Plaid96, these kids or "peers" i go to school with are so not interested in actually studying and all they care about is when their going to get their weed and when the next party is. I want a better opportunity that will allow me succeed better, and in boarding school i now the students are motivated and want to learn(not saying that high school is all about studying, but yeah)

    My favorite school would probably be either Andover,Choate or hotchkiss...or St.Paul's
    idk! they are all perfect for me!

    idk for the most annoying thing...i can't think of any at the moment...

    I am most worried about not getting it finished in time...but i know im going to finish =)
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Registered User Posts: 2,109 Senior Member
    I hate how umotivated my peers are as well. The kids I go to school with right now are so unmotivated, we just had a big drug bust. Yesterday, the good whose locker is next to mine had her marijuana (sp?) stash uncovered and I was Ekking! The workload is kind of so pathetic it's amusing, I mean I've done no homework tonight and its 1030pm (I should ge t to bed soon) and I know I can get it all done tommorow during school with all As. Most of my friends are really bright underachievers whove decided to stuff the system and take pride in getting straight Es, I like them but I'm mature enough to know I don't like the influence they have on me, especially as I already have lazy/rebelling tendencys. My favs would be Andover and mabye Exeter or SPS.
  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) Registered User Posts: 824 Member
    Yeah, i know about at least 20 kids in my grade who have weed with them, and its so obvious that their high because their eyes are red and their always asking for food. I mean come on, how oblivious can teachers be not to notice that kind of stuff. I get have all A's and I'm in all honors and still everybody likes me and my friends tell me that everybody loves me(not trying to be conceited), and then i think to myself, why do students don't take school so seriously? If it's because they think kids will make fun of them then their wrong because guess whose not going to succeed in the future...
  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 Registered User Posts: 3,207 Senior Member
    My school is like the "good school" in the city and they're super strict about stuff like that. Plus its small and they have disciplinarians walking the halls to ward off any miscreants.
    Plus no-one is stupid enough to bring a crapload of weed to school.

    All my friends are bright bt they have no ambition. I mean there's this one girl whos applying to WMA but thats only 'cause her mom made her. (though she just decided she wanted to go to the olympics for track. which would totally be possible b/c shes wicked good) but the rest of them are just sitting around getting easy As. It makes me angry
  • PaulaZariaPaulaZaria Registered User Posts: 1,526 Senior Member
    I just randomly decided to apply, and see my chances for college, but if I get in, all the better. I love the public high school (rated 19th best public school in country) I would go to next year and the middle school I am in now, but I want to try it.

    My fav school: Andover then Exeter

    I hate essay topics about my personal life because there is only so much that I can right about. I forget things a lot :) lol

    Funny story about apps: I was taking this math quiz that I missed after school when my math teacher goes THERE ARE 100 PEOPLE APPLYING TO PRIVATE SCHOOL AND PEOPLE KEEP FORGETTING TO PUT THEIR NAMES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (out of 250) So I was like "Sorry, is there anything I can do to help?" and she was like "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!"

    and I never noticed any drugs
  • csi = lovecsi = love Registered User Posts: 116 Junior Member
    PaulaZaria, I think I live pretty close by to you.
    Yeah a lot of kids at the public middle school I would have gone to smoke weed, so I'm happy I got out of there before they started to.
    This is going to sound crazy, but boarding school is a fairly new concept to me. I'd never really thought about it until like 10 months ago.
  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 Registered User Posts: 3,207 Senior Member
    Jeez, your schools are so competitive!
  • urbanflopurbanflop Registered User Posts: 1,682 Senior Member
    I go to this private school, but the people there can be spoiled/arrogant/and even high at times. Alot of the kids there are rich so they don't care what their grades are and one of them is so rich but he went to the local private school just because he didn't feel like working...at all. Another girl failed out of one private school and now goes here. Also, the school is a middle school but they recruit kids for basketball and other sports. There is a 15 year old (at least thats what he says) going on 16 in 8th grade.

    It's a strange world sometimes....
  • PaulaZariaPaulaZaria Registered User Posts: 1,526 Senior Member
    Urbanflop: Wow.... Do they like have an inheritance or something?
    csi = love: Haha! Wouldn't it be funny if we met before!
  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) Registered User Posts: 824 Member
    I hope that i get into one of the schools i applied for...i need to get of here...
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Registered User Posts: 2,109 Senior Member
    I need to get out of here too, I so don't want to go to my local high school. For example last saturday something like 1/4 the freshman class got arrested for weed and underage drinking, I mean obviously I wouldn't be there even if i was a year older because you have to be cool and all but it doesn't result in a great learning environment. Also, sometimes it feels like I attend a spanish school, nothing wrong with that of course 'cept for the fact that I don't speak a word of spanish (well i guess i do now) and its hard to follow whats going on when half your peers are talking in a foreign language. I'm naturally lazy but all i have to think of is the results of spirit week for the freshman last year and I get all the motivation I need to makesure my apps are as good as possible.
  • Ccer999Ccer999 - Posts: 235 Junior Member
    you guys need to calm down and understand how high school life works, it happens everywhere, even in controlled environments like HADES. And MJ is not something to discuss here...
    Besides, the aim of boarding school shouldn't be to LEAVE somewhere, it should more so be to find a better place.
  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) Registered User Posts: 824 Member
    No, i don't just want to attend boarding school to get out of here or for the heck of it...i I love my friends and my teachers, its just that i really want to get a better education
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