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Best Campuses (HADES)

xxxFutureIVYxxxxxxFutureIVYxxx 49 replies32 threads Junior Member
edited February 2010 in Prep School Admissions
I was just wondering which of the HADES Schools (including some of the other elite prep schools) had the nicest campuses. From what I heard, Hotchkiss has the nicest facilities, and supposedly their athletic complex is amazing. Care to share any thoughts?
edited February 2010
9 replies
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Replies to: Best Campuses (HADES)

  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) 810 replies14 threads Member
    The Hotchkiss is very beautiful...well to me...and also the food was great
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  • hadeswisherhadeswisher 120 replies41 threads Junior Member
    deerfield - great facilities
    EXETER has the best facilities a building for every single thing like actually there is a building just for spanish
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  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 3158 replies49 threads Senior Member
    Deerfield seems nicest to me. :/ I wasn't too impressed by exeter
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  • toombs61toombs61 775 replies0 threads Member
    The list of great and beautiful BS campuses is great and long. While visiting numerous BS's last year, we listed among our favorite campuses, for what it is worth (in no special order): Kent, Andover, SPS, Lawrenceville, Hotchkiss and Loomis Chaffee. That said, we found no campus that lacked some beauty or charm in some way.
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  • LOLZbabeLOLZbabe 301 replies50 threads Member
    SPS and Lawrenceville have the prettiest campuses I have ever seen. I thought Exeter seemed too industrialized and Andover nothing super outstanding. SPS had the most natural beauty and Lawrenceville had the prettiest buildings.
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  • jasony0325jasony0325 74 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Andover and Exeter were beautiful.
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  • kafkarebornkafkareborn 675 replies77 threads Member
    I love Hotchkiss campus. The surrounding country side is breathtaking. The hills of the Berkshire have been described in literature in some of the most romantic language known to the English language. Even the most agoraphobic kid will feel the need to spend some time outdoors here. The Nature Conservatory said that the area surrounding Hotchkiss is one of the top 200 most beautiful places on earth (I would provide the link if I could but I can't find it).

    From an architectural standpoint, I like the fact that Hotchkiss is very compact. All of your classes are taken in one "main" building. This allows for maximum social interaction as everyone hangs out in the same spot and allows you to avoid the cold New England weather for most of the day. I would be very upset if I had to walk across a large campus in the middle of winter to get to every class. That is one of Hotchkiss' principle strengths.
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  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 3158 replies49 threads Senior Member
    the hills of berkshire?
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  • candidate123candidate123 1016 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Exeter. I just like the atmosphere a lot and I loveeee the dance studio and science building. I thought the dorms were on the weak side but that's least important.
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