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So Confused!!!

ohsoconfusedohsoconfused 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited February 2010 in Prep School Admissions
This is my first post, but I come here a lot.

I applied to four schools: Cate, Thacher, Groton and Middlesex. I live outside of Omaha. I looked at bigger schools like Andover, Exeter and Hotchkiss. They were great to be sure, but I like the smaller schools more. I don’t really have any safeties, which I think was a mistake, but my scores, grades and recommendations were good and I hope my interviews went well. I’m so nervous! I think about this all the time. I had to post because I want to know if other people are as nervous as I am!!

It’s so hard to compare the West Coast schools and the East Coast schools. There didn’t seem to be any difference in the teachers. I visited an English class on all four visits (because I love to write) and the teachers and students seemed like they were on the same level (way higher than my current public school!!!!)

The main differences that stood out were that Middlesex and Groton had a more historical feel and the architecture seemed beautiful and inspiring to me. The kids seemed nice too, a lot like I thought they’d be. At Cate and Thacher, the outdoors was a way bigger part of the campus than the buildings (Cate with the ocean, Thacher with the mountains) if you know what I mean. The students surprised me a little bit. They seemed more relaxed and smiling. My Mom’s theory is that warm weather makes people happy.

If I get admitted by an East Coast and a West Coast school, I don’t know what I’ll do!! Help!!
edited February 2010
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Replies to: So Confused!!!

  • lindhalindha 583 replies22 threads Member
    I think u should save that question until u get accepted somewhere, and then u could make a decision.
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  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 3158 replies49 threads Senior Member
    Just know this: East Coast is the Beast Coast ;)
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  • JayPeehJayPeeh 139 replies2 threads Junior Member
    i'm sure you've already perceived that the east coast and the west coast have quite different cultures, both being quite different from the midwest. i have lived in all three places and have enjoyed all. i've found that friendships run quite a bit deeper on the east coast, particularly in the less densely populated areas like those where groton and middlesex are located. in addition, the academic demographics at groton and middlesex are slightly stronger than at thacher and cate, so you may have to work a little harder at the east coast schools. overall, though, you really can't go wrong with any of these schools, so your final decision could be based largely on where you feel you fit best and with which school you feel the best personal chemistry. in the long run, that will matter a lot.
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  • ParlabaneParlabane 575 replies21 threads Member
    JayPeeh - you said "friendships run quite a bit deeper on the East Coast." How can friendships be deeper based on geography? I've never heard anyone claim something like that before.
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