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i would like to kill chance threads

wickedcrazywickedcrazy 466 replies18 threads Member
edited January 2010 in Prep School Admissions
God. Its just like... I'm so amazing at this, I play four sports every night and rather than going to the movies, I make dinner for the homeless. I'm half Venezuelan and half Egyptian, I have 99s across the board on ssats. I'm six but I'm in twelfth grade calculus. I'm applying to HADES, do I have ANY chance at all?

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god, its like, are you serious? sorry, I'm just,.. frustrated at this! anyone share this view?
edited January 2010
8 replies
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Replies to: i would like to kill chance threads

  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 3158 replies49 threads Senior Member
    yes, lots.
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  • hadeswisherhadeswisher 120 replies41 threads Junior Member
    me 2!
    i am scared to look in that thread.. i think a lot are **** though, and they are trying to sych out the competition
    but some are definitely real.. which is the scary part.
    remember though, they might be accepted and be socially very strange and therefore hate boarding school
    the schools might also see this, and then not accept them
    just saying
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  • jyun212jyun212 778 replies31 threads Member
    hmm alot of ppl think im a ****... but if u want proof u can pm me or ask hco =). There is no need to lie on a chance thread when u want the honest truth
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  • hadeswisherhadeswisher 120 replies41 threads Junior Member
    well jyun212.. you are just psyching people out.. probably not purposely
    we all know you will get into every single school you want.. so please stop making us feel bad about ourselves.
    btw i never got any letters.. and yes this is obviously a good sign
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  • jyun212jyun212 778 replies31 threads Member
    no need to be phsyced out i got a freakin c plus, in spanish so no wirries. nd im sorry, i dont mean to worry ppl. o the letter things- dont worry about it, my friends who got in last year didnt get a single letter nd they twidling their thumbs at exeter
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  • Hoping411Hoping411 884 replies26 threads Member
    i feel exactly the same
    also jyun 1 C in Spanish is not going to completely kill ur chance and keep u from Hades, so you don't have to keep mentioning it whenever anyone talks about ur amazing stats, it doesn't change the fact that u have amazing stats
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  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 3158 replies49 threads Senior Member
    also, its in Honors Spanish. the fact that your in Honors Spanish is a plus
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  • A7X Forever=)A7X Forever=) 810 replies14 threads Member
    Advice:why don't you guys not look at it at all?
    if your so tired of them the stop coming to the website...its so simply
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