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Which schools let you have the best and worst social lives?

LOLZbabeLOLZbabe 301 replies50 threads Member
edited October 2011 in Prep School Admissions
i.e. time with friends, leaving campus to go into town, dances and time to have off-campus parties... typical teenage stuff.
edited October 2011
8 replies
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Replies to: Which schools let you have the best and worst social lives?

  • hadeswisherhadeswisher 120 replies41 threads Junior Member
    umm groton is really strict..
    deerfield and hotchkiss are very rural so there are not as many off campus parties:(
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  • kafkarebornkafkareborn 675 replies77 threads Member
    Hotchkiss, because I go here. Ha, on a more serious note, no one can honestly answer that question as no one (or very few people at best) has been to more than one prep school for extended periods of time - well at least long enough to get a feel for the true social dynamic of the place. So all we can do is describe the social vibe at our particular school, not compare and contrast.
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  • Rad-in-Plaid96Rad-in-Plaid96 3158 replies49 threads Senior Member
    well you can talk to people at other schools...
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  • AlextheCheesyPooAlextheCheesyPoo 82 replies4 threads Junior Member
    If you're looking for lots of off-campus activities, try a school located in an urban area - like Milton for instance.

    Or, you can just stay at a public school and party there all the time.
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  • prepbballer11prepbballer11 14 replies5 threads New Member
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  • bookluver07bookluver07 725 replies13 threads Member
    you can go into town at kent
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  • cassatcassat 444 replies11 threads Member
    Andover is wonderful. We only have three or four Saturday classes per year, dances every weekend, and a lot of trips off campus. Homework is usually VERY manageable on weekends, with a few exceptions. Plus, I happen to get a lot of socializing done on weekdays, but that's just me!
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  • cantthinkofonecantthinkofone 11 replies1 threads New Member
    Exeter is horrible socially. Andover I know to be a lot of fun, and I go to SPS which I can tell you is certainly great, although we are all very busy here with work, sports, and Saturday 1/2 days.

    From the top 5, the two best are definitely Andover and SPS
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