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late application to loomis

clay123456clay123456 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
edited February 2010 in Prep School Admissions
hey guys.
i used to go to taft until recently, and i was a junior. if it makes a difference, i "withdrew." i'd rather not talk about what happened, but it's nothing serious (like drinking or smoking or cheating).

anyhow, i really like loomis (kent might be my second choice) and i wanted to see if anyone knows if loomis is good with these late applications.

i'll be coming in as a new (repeat) junior... at taft i had straight Bs and was taking two APs and all regular junior-level courses. i play at the JV level for all three seasons (and i'm a lax goalie, a position most schools seem to lack). i was co-head of the gsa at taft (and one of the only gay kids). good SAT and good SSAT scores. and plenty of pretty nice teacher/coach recommendations. i'm also a girl if that makes a difference (i know that taft tends to overaccept girl new juniors).

so... yeah... i was wondering if anyone has an opinion on my likelihood on getting accepted next year of getting into loomis with the late application.

thanks guys. :)
edited February 2010
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Replies to: late application to loomis

  • psoccer123psoccer123 13 replies5 threads New Member
    i don't know if i can really help with loomis but i applied late to a prep school last year and was waitlisted ("top of the waitlist"- don't really know if that's true). However i was applying as a sophomore. Can't hurt to try i guess.
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  • siliconvalleymomsiliconvalleymom 4377 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Why would you want to repeat your junior year?
    Why not just focus on getting prepared for college and apply to colleges this fall?
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  • clay123456clay123456 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
    well i don't get any credits for second semester. and it's hard to get into boarding school as a senior... especially since i have the "withdrawal" on my belt. because i "withdrew," it's more advantageous for me to have two years and a half of good conduct record, two of those years being at school.

    anyway it's much better to repeat, and since i'm a young junior it's not a big deal.
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  • siliconvalleymomsiliconvalleymom 4377 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Without knowing exactly happened, I would think you are less likely to get into another boarding school but that colleges probably won't care about your conduct record, if the offense is not one of the three listed above.
    Are you not attending a day school now for the second semester of your junior year?
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  • clay123456clay123456 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Day school really isn't possible. Instead, I'm doing 'home school' style schooling, where tutors (I live in Korea... where there are surplus of such tutors) to help me out with my APs and some of the other courses I'm supposed to be taking. This way I can take the AP tests and make the most of the rest of high school.
    I want to make the most out of what happened, and I've decided that repeating my junior year is the best option, regardless of what colleges will think.

    My main problem, at the moment, is reapplying.
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  • CBBBlinkerCBBBlinker 3464 replies35 threads Senior Member
    One thing that comes to mind about Loomis that may work against you is they are decreasing the number of day students -- which may make it harder to get a boarding slot.
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  • clay123456clay123456 37 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Just a question there...
    Why would decreasing the # of day students make it harder? Wouldn't that open up more boarding slots or simply not make a difference at all?
    Sorry... I'm just confused lol
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