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How hard is it to get into Andover/Exeter?

Blackeast3Blackeast3 - Posts: 10 New Member
edited February 2015 in Prep School Admissions
I found out about Andover and Exeter quite late. I have heard of these schools before and known them to be prestigious boarding schools. The information disclosed was that these boarding schools were quite expensive. However, I was not aware of the financial aid from the private high schools.

I was a laid-back person. I would never have homework no matter how much was assigned. I was easily able to finish 4 subjects of homework in their own classes respectively. I am naturally smart and do not study often. I manage to get 95+ scores on all tests without studying because of my great ability to listen, and memorize.

I never tried extracurricular programs because I did not think them useful at a elementary level. Also, they were not offered. After, I researched about people chancing into Andover and Exeter, to my dismay, people who got perfect scores on all their academics and SSATs still did not get accepted.
Now I realized that not only will I need extracurricular programs at a younger age to improve your resume to get accepted, but give a foundation to talents.

I need some advice on what extracurricular programs I can choose.
I have developed a great interest in Basketball. I have a virtuous reason to play. (It was because the coach at the try-outs were racist and picked all the black kids to play first and the asians to play last. I want to show them that Asians can OWN!). Our school's basketball season is over.

I use to be aqua-phobic. I wasn't scared of drinking water, but scared of getting in it. After joining the YMCA, I learned how to swim with help and confidence from my sister. I am learning the other 3 strokes. I am quite fast at swimming. However, our undefeated school's season, is over. Our 4 year old varsity swimming team has retired an undefeated swimming streak.

I am a fast runner, and could do the distance. I am going to try out for track and field, and cross country.
That concludes my sports.

I have played piano for a year, but I developed sight reading very well. At a moderato tempo, and with a second try, I can play most songs. (For most musicians, it takes at least a few years to get sight reading down.)
I tried saxophone for a few months.
I like listening to classical music, because it is less distracting towards my work.

Not many clubs are offered in our school because our school is young and is establishing curricular knowledge. A science club was recently started and I am going to give it a try. I am also going to join the junior key club.

I get all A+'s. Our schools curriculum is very well written and challenging. All though my school is not famous, it is still a great feat to obtain A+'s. It is listed as one of the best in Massachusetts.
I do pretty well at writing, but am always looking for improvement. (Please do tell me my weaknesses in this article)
I represented the school in the annual public speaking competition.
I am well behaved, and never miss school. 1 day of absence in the last 4 years.

I like doing puzzles, I would spend a few hours to do a puzzle.
I like finding various talents, I can blow spit bubbles from my tongue, or juggle.
I also like playing with the rubik's cube. I can solve it, but I have a poor time of 1:15 average.

For teacher recommendations:
This year, 7th grade, I have teachers that I would favor over the 8th grade teachers. I am afraid of my teachers not recognizing me as well next year so should I ask them for a recommendation before the end of this school year?

Thanks. please wish me good luck.

Haha, at this point chance me, but otherwise this is only to see what it takes.
And if you were accepted, please do tell me what your stats were.

Oh yea, I also have a great interest in geography.

I participated 4 years in a row. :) 5th year I am going to study and take our school to nationals.
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Replies to: How hard is it to get into Andover/Exeter?

  • 2010 hopeful2010 hopeful Registered User Posts: 2,041 Senior Member
    I think you should leave out blowing spit bubbles on your tongue but overall I think you would have a chance but remember these schools are impossible for anyone to get into with sub 20% Acceptance rates.
  • DiveAliveDiveAlive Registered User Posts: 1,734 Senior Member
    the thicker the file, the thinner the applicant...

    you seem.. well-qualified (ok i cheated i didn't actually read through all that) but these schools aren't really looking for your life story or every single little thing you've done since you were 2..
    "I have played piano for a year, but I developed sight reading very well. At a moderato tempo, and with a second try, I can play most songs. (For most musicians, it takes at least a few years to get sight reading down.)
    I tried saxophone for a few months.
    I like listening to classical music, because it is less distracting towards my work"

    anyways, tone it down.
    ps: i wouldn't apply to only andover/exeter, because they're a crapshoot, even with the most qualified of applicants. gl!
  • Blackeast3Blackeast3 - Posts: 10 New Member
    Can you guys tell me what other extracurriculars i should try?
  • SnapePotterSnapePotter - Posts: 381 Member
    regular 7th grade Asian ******?? wow. Try some community service
  • exoveerotchexoveerotch Registered User Posts: 260 Junior Member
    I have nothing to say about your completely one-sided "stats". Can you give us some objective evaluation of yourself at least? (Having played the piano for only a year and is able to play most songs? I mean, do you know how incredibly vast the piano repertoire is? As a piano player myself for the past 10 years, I will never dare to say that I can play most of the piano literatures(i don't call them songs). To me, you seem a bit conceited--not a plus if you want to go to BS.) Sorry, but that's just my opinion. I just got accepted into Deerfield Academy.
    Are you applying this year? for what grade?
  • jyun212jyun212 Registered User Posts: 809 Member
    haha well its not easy, ill give you that
  • tuesdaystuesdays Registered User Posts: 955 Member
    I'm very glad that you're thinking of BS this early-- good luck! However, you seem to have a rather skewed view of the application process.

    Do not do extracurriculars for the sake of believing that BS's would approve of them. It will never, ever work. Do what you love-- this is the truest, best advice you will ever get. Do what you love, and expand on it. Which will be easy, because you LOVE it.

    You cannot ask previous years' teachers to give you recommendations.

    You seem to have a variety of interests-- which is good-- but no real positions, awards, or official statistics of any sort. They seem more of a hobby variety, which is common of every single kid in the world. Pinpoint on a true passion and work on it.

    'I am going to try out for junior key club' <--- Very nice, but remember to volunteer because you care about the cause, not for the sake of joining a club/having community service.

    There's a pattern to my advice: Be REAL.

    Your never-missed-school record and things along those lines wouldn't have much weight, in my experience. I had 8-9 absences and even more tardies (which I'm not proud of, don't get me wrong) and was accepted into Exeter and Choate Rosemary Hall.

    'I have played piano for a year, but I developed sight reading very well. At a moderato tempo, and with a second try, I can play most songs. (For most musicians, it takes at least a few years to get sight reading down.)' <-- As a 10 year musician just like Exoveerotch, I take personal offense to that. 'Most songs'-- what do you categorize as most songs? In the piano world, pieces aren't exactly called songs either. If you can sight-read on the second try at a moderato tempo, you must be a prodigy. I'm sorry, but these sentences sound a bit big-headed and it just rubbed me the wrong way. If you meant something else, I'm really very sorry.

    You sound like you have a lot of potential, however, and are just a bit misguided. Best of luck!
  • Blackeast3Blackeast3 - Posts: 10 New Member
    Sorry for acting conceited. I am not a professional at piano. Will edit to not anger anyone else.

    Can't edit, but no one take offense!
  • BlueRaven1BlueRaven1 Registered User Posts: 2,109 Senior Member
    Hahaha Tuesdays I have so many absences and tardies its not even funny :p Didn't hurt me though. Sorry Blackeast I don't chance plus this should be in the chances section.
  • Blackeast3Blackeast3 - Posts: 10 New Member
    Before posting, I was prompted for the category. However, I was not sure if I was asking for a chance, or seeing what I needed. I my thesis was to just ask about recommendations, and .. other questions.
  • PaulaZariaPaulaZaria Registered User Posts: 1,526 Senior Member
    Chances section pleases, well... next time
  • academicsacademics Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    You should try going to the Exeter website and click on the link that says email an exeter student your question. Current Exeter students may be the best persons to ask questions.
  • gonnastopgonnastop Registered User Posts: 555 Member
    You made about four grammar mistakes in the above post. Sorry if I got it wrong, I'm international.

    Can I assume that people who have only "heard about" or "interested in" A and E never get into either of them?
  • laxislife1265laxislife1265 Registered User Posts: 146 Junior Member
    It is very very hard.
  • pulsarpulsar - Posts: 1,266 Senior Member
    What is very very hard?
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