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How can I stop making careless mistakes on the exam?

YoungThriverYoungThriver 474 replies46 threads Member
I’ve been taking ssat practice tests and I’ve been making careless mistakes on the math sections. Are there any tips that can help me stop this?
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Replies to: How can I stop making careless mistakes on the exam?

  • gracelillygracelilly 11 replies2 threads New Member
    @YoungThriver underline information that you think may be relevant to solving the problem as you read the question
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  • dogsmama1997dogsmama1997 481 replies30 threads Member
    Are you rushing? Do you finish with enough time to go back and check work? Do you tend to make careless mistakes on certain problems and not others? If so, could you circle those and go back and check your work only on the types of problems you are usually careless on?
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  • ilovechoateeeeeilovechoateeeee 396 replies15 threads Member
    This happens to me sooo much when I take math tests in school. I just tried to slow down while I did the questions, and wrote everything down instead of doing it in my head. And if you feel like that question will take a lot of time, just circle it and move on! Don't waste your time on that one question when you could be getting points for others. Hope this helps!
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  • YoungThriverYoungThriver 474 replies46 threads Member
    @gracelilly Great tip! This will definitely force me to read questions carefully. Earlier today, I got a question that asked me for the SUM of the exterior angles of an equilateral triangle. I chose 120 as an answer, totally missing the fact that it asked me for the sum (360).

    @dogsmama1997 My heart races while I’m taking the test, which results in me rushing a little too quickly. For example, when I last took the ssat, I had nearly 5 minutes left in the math section, which I could have utilized to check some of the answers that I wasn’t so confident in.

    @ilovechoateeeee Same problem, except in the reading section.
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  • ilovechoateeeeeilovechoateeeee 396 replies15 threads Member
    @YoungThriver I feel like that also works there. Also maybe increasing your reading speed? But I don't know if that's possible in a span of a couple weeks... You could also underline like @gracelilly said.
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