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Prep school dress codes and/or uniforms

Golfgr8Golfgr8 1150 replies20 threads Senior Member
In the interest of providing information to prospective students and parents, please list current (2019-2020) dress codes or uniform guidelines for boarding schools. There have been changes recently. For example, Peddie now allows jeans to be worn (with certain limitations) and Deerfield all students (new for females) now have to wear blazers/jackets to class & sit down meals. The Gunnery seems to have an ensemble of acceptable wear - but more formal than other schools.

Add your school and let’s see...

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Replies to: Prep school dress codes and/or uniforms

  • CateCAParentCateCAParent 292 replies5 threads Junior Member
    From the Cate Student Handbook:

    Clothing should always be clean and tasteful. Students must wear shoes, a shirt and pants/skirt or dress (or the equivalent) that fully covers body parts and is not see through. Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front, back, and sides. Clothing must cover undergarments (bra straps allowed).

    When formal dress is required, tasteful choices of slacks, dresses, sports coats, ties, skirts, blouses and the like are appropriate. While jeans and sports shirts are not permitted, suits and formal gowns are not necessary. Athletic footwear is not appropriate when formal dress is required.
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  • RedLionessRedLioness 122 replies1 threads Junior Member
    At Exeter:

    According to the E Book, no casual dress such as sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings etc.

    Turtlenecks, sweaters, blouses, polos, jeans, and the like are acceptable. Dress code is only in effect during required appointments. Regarding free time, there is no required dress code.

    (In practice: depending on the teachers you have, you might want to stick to dress code on the first day and gauge how lenient your teachers are about that... then proceed to go off that. The only reason I stay in dress code all the time is all of my day clothes adhere to it. Shh, I never said any of this!)

    Also, do yourselves a favour and don't buy an entirely new wardrobe like I did.
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  • confusedaboutFAconfusedaboutFA 31 replies8 threads Junior Member

    (According to the handbook)

    During hours when classes are in session, including lunch and School meetings, the following dress code applies:

    • Shirts/Tops: collared shirts, tailored blouses, turtlenecks, or sweaters. Sweatshirts, even with hoods, do not fulfill dress code requirements and may only be worn over an approved top.

    • Pants: khakis, denim jeans, trousers (leggings or jeggings may only be worn under long tops or skirts or dresses).

    • Shorts: tailored with pockets and must be finger-tip length or longer.

    • Dresses and skirts: tailored and must be finger- tip length or longer.

    • Sleeveless blouses are acceptable provided the straps are one inch or wider.
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  • lightningqueen12lightningqueen12 318 replies12 threads Member

    From breakfast to end of classes:

    Written dress code says no hooded sweatshirts, but teachers usually don't mind.

    - Shirts: collared shirts; no t-shirts with logos; blouses, turtlenecks, or sweaters

    - Bottoms: no blue denim; dress shorts allowed before fall long weekend (mid-october); leggings may not be worn as pants, must be worn with some kind of longer shirt or sweater

    - Dresses or skirts: Written dress code says fingertip length or longer, no one minds if you go a little shorter than that (I've noticed since being here that A LOT of girls wear skirts all the time)

    - Any shoes

    - No dress code after classes end.
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  • CaliMexCaliMex 1840 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Thacher is SUPER casual. Lots of kids wear shorts to class. Having said that, there are formal dinners 4X each week. (Jackets, dresses, skirts or nice slacks).
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