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Planning Systems

TheHappinessFundTheHappinessFund 138 replies14 threads Junior Member
Hey all! Now that apps are pretty much completed, I thought it'd be cool to discuss something that might get our minds off admissions/M10.
So, pretty much, I just wanted to hear about the planning systems people use. I think hearing about the planning systems current BS students use and comparing that to the systems that current middle schoolers/applicants use.

Just to kick it off (lol i haven't really done a discussion thread like this before?) I use a bullet journal (things like daily overviews, things to get done, etc), a hobonichi day-free A5 (long term assignments, time blocking, and general journaling for uneventful days) and a little muji notebook for writing down assigments as i go through the day.

idk, respond if you'd like?
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Replies to: Planning Systems

  • confusedaboutFAconfusedaboutFA 37 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I usually set reminders on my phone for events that aren't on my normal schedule, such as games, rehearsals, etc. For homework, all of it is posted online (often, teachers don't even tell you what it is in class), so I just look at what classes I have the following day and look at the pages for those.
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  • mondaydevilmondaydevil 183 replies9 threads Junior Member
    i have a bullet journal for daily to-dos, trackers, and random things i want to add. a lot of the time I'll work through my thoughts for projects and other plans in it. then i have a normal journal for writing down thoughts. i also have this notebook binder thing for major projects (outside of school)
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  • doodlebean8doodlebean8 32 replies4 threads Junior Member
    ya'll are so organized
    I have *tried* to write homework stuff in a planner in 7th grade, which worked for, like two months before I lost that planner
    I *tried* that again in the beginning of 8th grade, and gave up like three months later

    oh well, all the homework's posted on classroom anyways, and I can always text my friends.

    Oh, and the interviews and stuff I put it on my computer's calender, which honestly isn't particularly helpful since I don't get notifications for it. oh well

    most of the time I guess I just keep the stuff I need to do in my head? I'll *try* to change that again when I get to highschool.
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  • mondaydevilmondaydevil 183 replies9 threads Junior Member
    does anyone here have a creative journal like art, fandoms or whatever and have any tips?
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  • RedLionessRedLioness 128 replies1 threads Junior Member
    hmm... well for school things, I just keep a mental calendar and go over things in my head. Definitely helps homework is all posted on Canvas. And I crunch a lot of things into my weekend until my next big block of free time (Tuesday and Wednesday) and work on like that.
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  • doodlebean8doodlebean8 32 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @mondaydevil not too sure what you mean but I'm a piece of hamiltrash who draws a bunch of hamilton fanart and throws it up on an Instagram acc
    does that count?
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  • TheHappinessFundTheHappinessFund 138 replies14 threads Junior Member
    @doodlebean8 judging by what i've seen of ur art it's defo amazing!! tbh i high-key wish i had instagram so i could be trendy like the yoUthS, but that's a dream for after M10 me.

    @mondaydevil i do bullet journaling and art journaling, the former for planning and the latter for stress-relief/fun/getting better at art 'cause i am n o t good lol.
    I highly recommend art journaling to all u artsy ppl out there-- it's so fun! I try to be *aEsthEtiC* or whatever, and even though it's not the best, i get super happy flipping through my journals. (:
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