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What Are My Chances Of Getting Into Phillips Exeter Academy

Igot1112Igot1112 0 replies2 threads New Member
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Hello I am an international student who is willing to attend to phillips exeter academy. I live in Turkey(Some people said i had a good chance of being admitted to school because there were no applicants in my country.)

I'm an 8th grader and I would like to apply to 9th grade.

-All my notes A
-I've been dealing with taekwondo(I'm black belt in taekwondo and I've been to the National Match.), chess and basketball(I've been on my school basketball team for four years and i've been team captain for two years.) for 7 years.I worked in public theater for two years and I've two shows in public.I'm not very talented, but I play piano and guitar.
-I've read a total of 250 books in two and a half years. And I wrote a summary of it all in English.
-I want to be a doctor in the future. So I set up a site about medicine and i'm writing an English article about medicine.
-I'm working volunteer at some organizations in the summer.( Handing out leaflets for blood donation in Turkishredcrescent,voluntary tree planting etc.)
-I can speak German and English as a foreign language.
-I have a prize for writing composition and writing properly.
-I will take the SSAT exam in January.I'm working hard, and I'm hoping i'll get a 90 percentile or higher SSAT score in return for this study.

My parents divorced and i live with my mom. But my mother's yearly income is $3200(my father doesn't working).I mean, as you can see, I'm not doing well. I know I'm not a excellent candidate.But I have dreams and I'm going after my dreams.I've never had the opportunity or opportunities to do great work, but in your opinion, do I have a chance to be admitted to school?

I'm sorry if i wrote something wrong in my text.
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Replies to: What Are My Chances Of Getting Into Phillips Exeter Academy

  • PrepDad2018PrepDad2018 142 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think your story is interesting, particularly for your passion for English through books and writing. If you get the score on the SSATs you are looking for and your extracurricular list is accurate, you have a shot, yes. Now, a shot means maybe 25% at best (removing those who have no chance at all) plus you need tuition covered. If you craft your life story through your interviews and essays, there is a chance, yes. Good luck.
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  • stalecookiesstalecookies 112 replies6 threads Junior Member
    edited June 6
    1) Try to sign up for an earlier date for the SSAT. You are giving yourself absolutley no wiggle room for life's mishaps. You should sign up for an earlier date in case you do poorly, or happen to get sick. Applications are due January 15th.

    2) You should consider taking the TOEFL, even if not required, to give the verbal portion of your SSAT context.

    3) The essays are very important. Make sure you have someone very fluent in English proofread for you.

    4) Apply to SEVERAL schools, not just Exeter. While Exeter might be your current dream, if you do some research you might find that other schools could also offer you amazing opportunities. It will increase your chance of getting into *a* school.

    5) Ask for fee waivers for your tests and applications. Maybe you'll get it, maybe you won't... But you have to ask in order to be considered.

    6) Research whether there is any sort of aid you qualify for independent of the schools that you are considering.
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  • Mumof3BoyzMumof3Boyz 37 replies3 threads Junior Member
    edited June 6
    @Igot1112 Pulling for you as you begin your journey, just recognize the odds are long for you to be admitted to any one highly selective school. Being from Turkey does not make your chances "good" of being admitted to Exeter - it may help a little bit, or not at all. If you are attracted to the idea of boarding school, please do some research on others and consider applying to a wider range. Perhaps widen your potential choices to 3 highly selective, 2-3 somewhat selective, and 2-3 less selective. There will likely be many schools of interest, with wonderful teachers and facilities.
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  • flowergirl1214flowergirl1214 20 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I'm a rising lower at Exeter, and this past year I've had the opportunity to work hand in hand with the admissions officer, and I hope my advice helps!

    1) Focus on your essays! An admissions officer told me that she jots notes down so fast that sometimes she isn't completely focused on the interview. The interviewers have a very small say whether someone is accepted or not. This leaves you essays to be the main, get to know you, factor of your application. They are read by both current faculty and a committee. You mentioned writing as a strength, so show them that.

    2) Don't stress about the SSAT. Most schools, Exeter included, have an SSAT benchmark that all regular (non recruited/non special exception/non faculty) students have to pass. It tends to be the average SSAT score, and they don't care what score you get unless its above this mark.

    If you have any further questions, just pm me and i am happy to help! hope to see you on campus next fall!
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