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What are my chances for Choate, Horace Mann, and Riverdale?

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Basic Stats: female, repeat 9th, Chinese, live in NY
and for HM and Riv, it's my third time applying!!! it's been a looong three years

(I have this strict thing that I follow where if I say something the opposite happens, so I am not expressing any personal opinions in this. Trust me it always happens. moving on)

Verbal- 8, rank 90
Reading- 9, rank 98
Math- 9, rank 97
Quantitative: 7, rank 87

My school doesn't offer honors for 9th but I'm taking the most advanced level for every class except Latin (first year)

GPA: this is a huuuuuge weakness
all A's except B in Latin and History, and B+ in Bio

middle school was all A's

1) created a program at my school in China to teach local children English for free.
2) volunteered at a summer camp for children with a life-threatening disease. became friends with some of them, was a doctor's assistant, the main focus of my essays
3) interned at an educational consultancy in China this summer. I taught people who were also applying to boarding schools how to improve their verbal skills
4) track for 4 years. on the JV team now. qualified for nationals in China but never made it because of an injury
5) dance for 5 years. performed at Hong Kong Disneyland
6) visual arts for 7 years. sent an online portfolio with my oil paintings. won schoolwide art contest but that's it for awards
7) tennis for 2 years. no awards, medals, nothing. just for fun
8) I did Cheerleading in fall!!! lmaooo I joked about it in my interviews

Essays: I don't know. hopefully good. i started writing it in October. spent the entire break editing and perfecting it. I asked a teacher if it sounded like a smart 9th grader wrote it and he said yes (lol) I also went to my English teacher for help (she teaches 11 honors English and is super experienced)

English- blind. she said she would write me the strongest possible rec (she's the best I love her so much!!!)
Math- blind. I pay attention in class and participate. I talked to her a couple times after class about personal issues.
Counselor- blind. he doesn't know me that well but he's a very nice person
Personal- blind. the leader of the summer program I volunteered at wrote it

HM- welp. not good at all. It was at a time where I seriously did not want to attend a day school. I tried my best in the interview, but my interviewer asked in the parent interview if it was my parents who wanted to come here or me. Yikes, I know
Choate- I said everything I wanted to say. Held eye contact, smiled, joked, tried to look confident (idk if it worked!) I maintained contact with her through email
Riv- same as Choate. it was with the Admissions director. My parents said that I left a strong impression on her, she said that she almost didn't recognize me because I changed so much since last year (in a good way!) My parents' friend who accompanied my family to every interview (they don't speak English fluently) said that based on how the AO acted, my Riv interview was my strongest yet! I found this weird because I had a mental breakdown for 30 minutes before it (family issues)

Strengths: applying 3rd year in a row for Riv and HM. maybe wide range of ECs?

Weaknesses: grades! ORM! OR state!

I am not expecting to get into these schools at all, and I already attend a top LPS so I'll be fine
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