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Chance Me Please :)

ThatScorpioThatScorpio 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
To start, I know that nobody can really chance me accurately, but I've kept updated with a lot of these threads, so I thought it would be interesting to try while I wait for M9. Ok... here goes:

I'm a ninth-grade white female applying to a couple of boarding schools as a ninth-grade repeat (Exeter, Andover, Taft, St. Georges) mainly interested in being chanced for Exeter and Andover, which I will definitely attend if accepted with FA (which I am aware is unlikely...).
I have a backup plan to continue at my high school, which is a good public high school.
I chose to repeat ninth grade since I skipped eighth grade and would like to graduate at the typical age and spend four years at the same school, explained all of my reasons for this to the AOs.

Quantitative - 791 (91 percentile)
Verbal - 746 (85 percentile -- definitely my weakness, but my highest SAT section)
Reading - 794 (99 percentile)
Total - 2231 (98 percentile)

I also submitted my SAT scores from seventh grade to every school by email, which was a 1400 (740 verbal, 660 math), which is how I got into SET.

--As or higher from the most recent semester
--My middle school had odd grading but my sixth and seventh-grade grades are equivalent to As and mostly A+s
--Taking all honors classes
--Took AL2 last year, Geometry this year

ECs (submitted on Candidate profile):
--FIRST Lego League robotics for 4 years, 10 hours per week, 2-time state champions and 2-time first place awards at the international level
--Writing a monthly column for the local newspaper -- 2 years
--trumpet in jazz and concert band -- 4 years
--piano for 2 years (more of a hobby, helps me to be a better trumpet player, and I love the instrument)
--Videography for 3 years (I did all of the videography for my robotics team)
--Cross-Country for one year (mainly for the exercise) (I'd like to either continue with XC or try Field Hockey ... not very athletic)
--Community Service (especially in robotics, mentoring and volunteering at events) -- 10 hours per week, 4 years

ECs and achievements from this year (submitted with essays) :
--ranked 4th jr trumpet player in the state, playing trumpet in the All-state orchestra as second chair
--Member of math league team at my current high school
--Member of FTC team (programming) and a very accomplished FRC team
--Mentored two FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams
--Regional partner with an organization dedicated to supporting girls in robotics, held booths at two FLL state championships
--Middle school science olympiad team (two medals at state championship)

Academic and Personal Achievements:
--National Jr. Honor Society
--Led the creation of a school mural
--perfect score on PARCC math test
...There are a couple more, but those are the most important (also some of the others may be more revealing of my identity... which, if you've read my app, is probably very obvious by now)

I submitted an example of one of my newspaper columns as multimedia

I worked on them for a long time, trying to show who I am. Focused on robotics and creating the school mural, tying events together to show my goal of inspiring people (which FIRST really instilled in me)
My PA example of student work was a literary analysis of a character in a classic novel which I worked really hard on and tried to prove ideas using the text, definitely one of the most difficult assignments I've done that I'm very proud of (scored a 95).

I think really good, especially my personal and GC (personal rec was written by the teacher I wrote about for an Andover prompt) ... special interest was written by the local newspaper publisher, my teachers don't know me as well because I'd only known them for a semester, but they seem to like me.

I think really good, all went for a long time, Exeter and Andover were harder to tell but I think it went well.
I focused on the community for why boarding schools and study abroad as something I was especially interested in.
I did my research so I could cite specific classes and programs at each school that made them stand out.
I'm from a small island, but I talked to all of the AOs about my experience with summer camps in different states and meeting new people, as well as experience living away from home.

Extra Info:
--Applying for FA, will need a substantial amount
--Not a legacy
--I informed all of the admissions officers that my parents are currently going through a divorce, not sure if that will help with FA? ... placing a lot of hope on FA :(
--My father is in the military
--I have attended the lps my entire life, took online math courses since the end of fifth grade until this year, when I skipped a grade and had a math course available to take ... I definitely believe in student-teacher and student-student interaction as being very important
--From the Northeast, not sure if its an over-represented state? (RI)

I will definitely respond to any questions (and feel free to PM me)! Thank you for taking the time to read everything :) Sorry it was so long...
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Replies to: Chance Me Please :)

  • CaliPopsCaliPops 387 replies3 threads Member
    I like your chances. Good stats, international awards in robotics, plus the literary bent (including your column), sounds like solid combination. Best of luck to you!
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  • ThatScorpioThatScorpio 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @CaliPops Thank you very much!
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  • ilovechoateeeeeilovechoateeeee 396 replies15 threads Member
    I think you'll receive good news. You are definitely a strong applicant, but it just depends on what kind of person the schools need this year (i.e. if Exover received a lot of people who paint, they might need more musicians...) Good luck!!!
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  • ThatScorpioThatScorpio 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @ilovechoateeeee Thank you very much for your response. Throughout this process, I've tried to be my best self and the best applicant I can be, while also (to a certain extent) "trusting the system." If I don't get into a school, I'll know it's for the best -- I'm not academically ready, or I wouldn't fit into the community they were trying to build (both undesirable outcomes for a four-year commitment). I would love to be accepted on M9, but I also know that whatever happens, it's for the best, and I won't look back (except for some CC posts of course :) ). Thanks again and, if you are an applicant as well, I wish you the best of luck!
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  • GGNewtonGGNewton 40 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Oh, dear, I love so many things about what you are doing, (never mind me, I mom all the time!); I was wondering how you kept your essays and short questions within the word count!?🤭😉😂
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  • ThatScorpioThatScorpio 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @GGNewton I heard once that, in essays such as these, every single word and every single sentence should be there for a reason. With that in mind, the editing process was much easier... it was easier to remove words that weren’t necessary.
    I also focused on a specific topic for each essay, so I didn’t have as much to write about as in that post ;)
    Having a realistic idea of how long 500 words is helped too
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  • lightningqueen12lightningqueen12 318 replies12 threads Member
    You mentioned that you needed financial aid? I am almost positive that Taft is merit based, so they will base your contribution estimate off of how much they want you (I know, I'm scared about that, too😬). You are very well-rounded, with sports, music, and academic EC's, though, so don't worry! And I don't think RI is super over represented, maybe just a bit. Your application is solid!
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  • ThatScorpioThatScorpio 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @lightningqueen12 Thanks for your input! Applying for FA is so hard, because I feel like I have to get accepted twice... if I don’t get enough FA, I can’t go, even if accepted :(
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  • YoungThriverYoungThriver 468 replies45 threads Member
    @ThatScorpio In the same predicament here.
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  • skieuropeskieurope 41081 replies7727 threads Super Moderator
    I am almost positive that Taft is merit based
    Taft is need-based.
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  • lightningqueen12lightningqueen12 318 replies12 threads Member
    Good luck @ThatScorpio!
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  • MAandMEmomMAandMEmom 1747 replies10 threads Senior Member
    As a backup @ThatScorpio did you apply to any of the day schools in Providence? My D22 is at one of them and really likes it. I think you would do well FA wise.
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  • ThatScorpioThatScorpio 110 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @MAandMEmom I chose not to apply to any day schools simply because it wasn’t what I was looking for. I have a really good public school that I would go to next year (which I have been attending this year), and I would be entering tenth grade there.
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