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Phillips Exeter chances?

Catherin3Catherin3 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hi everyone! I’m a 15-year old female from Hungary, coming from a pretty international family (Hungarian-Russian-British). There are only a couple students from my country that have attented PEA & only one well-known alumni. I’m planning to apply for full financial aid.
Now about me: I’d say I’m pretty driven and ambitious and I feel like Exeter would be a great kickoff for my career given its excellent quality when it comes to teaching.
In my freetime I enjoy learning languages; I learn German at school & Norwegian and Mandarin Chinese outside. I quite enjoy Chinese calligraphy and Norwegian (Scandinavian) mythology and art as well. I’ll spend my next summer in Shanghai due to volunteer work (and of course, hoping to improve my language skills).
The main field of my interest in politics as I’m planning to pursue a career in it. I enjoy debating, analytical work and history. I love philosophy as well and find the system of each ideology fascinating.
Psychology is also something I’ve adored for a long time, mostly the “classic”, such as psychoanalysis and behaviorism.
The most recent thing that started growing on me is investing & the stock market in general and I’m extremely hopeful about my improvement in the future when it comes to trading.
Art plays a big role in my life as well: mostly classical music, painting, photography, ballet and high fashion. I had a startup in fashion, putting the focus on fashion education and bringing courses from Milan & Paris (esp. in craftmanship) that are quite unknown in my country yet. I have also done some modeling and participated in the administration work process of a modeling agency.
I’m planning to apply for grade 11, so I’m yet to take the SSAT, so I can’t provide info about my test scores yet. I’m generally an A student and definitely plan to participate in many international and regional competitions this year.
Do you think that there is a realistic chance for me to get in? Or is there anything I should possibly work more on?
Sorry for the possible grammar errors & thank you in advance.:)

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  • CaliMexCaliMex 1732 replies34 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Have you considered United World Colleges (UWC) as another alternative to explore?
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  • Catherin3Catherin3 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Not until now, but it seems great! Thank you.
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  • PrepDad2018PrepDad2018 37 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I think your pitch is pretty interesting and is good to open the door for consideration of your application. SSATs will be a big factor to be determined. You might want to consider a repeat of grade 10 vs 11 to get up to speed. Exeter is extremely demanding and jumping in grade 11 only adds to that challenge. If a top New England school is your focus consider adding others such as St Pauls or Andover (needs blind so if you are accepted the money will work out). Exeter has the largest endowment so their finances are generous.
    The application is open at Exeter, so start the process now (assuming you are looking for 2020/2021) for info and start the Gateway application (common for many schools). Practice your SSATs. We found the SSAT.org paid materials were both reasonable in price and gives a good idea of where you are.
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