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Chance at Exeter?

studybandit03studybandit03 7 replies9 threads Junior Member
I am currently a an upcoming junior at a ok-ish public school in pennsylvania. I am going to be applying to take junior year(11) again and I am looking to see what my chances are. I will be applying for full financial aid. My parents combined make less than $75,000. I'm a. First-generation Malian American and i am and I'll still be 16 applying while applying to repeat a junior year at Exeter. I am looking for my current chances. In all of my counselors year, she had never heard of what I've done. I went from academic work is like the general ”lower-level” classes, I'd always get high grades in those classes, to two AP classes. For those two classes I skipped accelerated and honors. And for the rest of my classes it's just academic to accelerated. I was 1/4 leader of the school's art club I was the only sophomore among seniors. I've also just been accepted into my cities congressional youth congress (CYC) I had applied months late and still got in among other applications.

Here are some of my stats:

GPA UW/W: my freshman year, not so great 3.0. My recent year, sophomore I received 3.7 which I think is a good jump

Grades: freshman year was just HORRIBLE. My sophomore year all A’s and only two B’s

Extracurriculars: Art club, DECA, and Coding club.

I plan on joining student government, culture clubs, volunteer work, FBLAand chess

Music: I was in the marching band but sustained a knee injury and haven't joined since

Volunteering: the schools arts fest i decorated the place after school and i sold merchandise.

Standardized Testing:

SAT/ACT: I have only had the chance to take the PSAT and had a horrible score PSAT are coming up again and i plan to study for them i also plan on taking the SSAT

High School Schedule (Block Schedule)

So, would my application look appealing to an admission officer at Exeter? I can get a good recommendation for English. I am a relatively shy person but I step up to leadership roles. I know that i may be the last choice among others but if like to give myself some credit for taking big jumps and doing well so far in them.

Thanks for reading :)
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Replies to: Chance at Exeter?

  • CaliMexCaliMex 2248 replies35 threads Senior Member
    Have you checked out United World Colleges? You sound like a good candidate for the program and are the right age.
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  • Happytimes2001Happytimes2001 2235 replies18 threads Senior Member
    Doesn't look like your grades and stats will make you a competitive applicant. Why did you decide on Exeter? Have you looked at other schools?
    Most of the kids applying to Exeter and other competitive schools have excellent academics, test scores and something special like outstanding ability in something like art, music, sports, leadership etc. Most incoming 11th graders are going to be even more exceptional as there are very few spots.
    You should look at the discussion on accepted students to see the details.
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  • PrepDad2018PrepDad2018 144 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Unfortunately agree that based on your post, it is not a great resume for acceptance. Your grades, testings, and ECs are lacking for schools that accept around 15%-20% with "perfect" applications. There are many, many BS schools to consider in addition to the Andover, Exeter, SPS type groups. Explore CC for lots of information.
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  • Ih8testsIh8tests 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Sorry to say, but the only thing you really have going for you is that you're Malian American since there aren't too many of your diaspora applying, I'm assuming.

    At the same time, as the previous posters have already said, your grades, ECs, test scores and overall package is not competitive enough for Exeter. And the 11th grade is the MOST difficult class to enter due to the limited number of spots. You would also have to prove you would transition comfortably into the class that others have already spent 2 years together.

    I would look at other programs, but it sounds like you need significant amounts of financial aid. So, definitely look for ones that are more generous on that end -- the ones that have larger endowments.

    Best of luck!
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6711 replies10 threads Senior Member
    There's nothing to stop you from applying, but I too think that Exeter is a long shot. It's a good choice for you because of its generous FA, but beyond that, I think that it would be a very hard transition.

    I would also recommend that you look at UWC.

    If you desperately want to go to BS, there are others that might see more value in what you bring than Exeter.

    One thing... I don't think you will need the SSAT at this point. Your SAT score will be enough so stay focused on that.

    But as I read your stats, I am also thinking that you may want to devote your efforts to preparing to apply to Jack Cook Kent, Questbridge, Posse, etc. Most have special activities for the high schoolers they select to enhance their college readiness and better, most come with college scholarship money (as well as some preference in as admissions. ) It's not BS but it will help position you for college.
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