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Chance me please! (Andover, Exeter, St. Pauls, Groton, Choate Rosemary, Lawrenceville, Peddie)

glittermangoglittermango 5 replies2 threads New Member
• SSAT: 99%
• Straight A student

• I haven't had my interviews yet, but I hope I get some advice!

• Math Recommendations: I'm one of top students in my class, and we're a pretty competitive school district- Geometry Honors. I've also given her a list of my accomplishments:
- School Champion 6th grade- Math League
- Gold Award MOEMS 6th grade- top 1-2%
- AMC 8 honor roll 7th grade; first course
- First team Algebra Contest
- In selective math counts- 30 people

• English Recommendations: I would say that my english teacher really likes me, but she's pretty new to the recommendation type of thing. She's been helping me revise my writing pieces and I've given her some characteristics of mine.

• Personal Recommendation: I've been playing under my volleyball coach for four years now, so I've gotten to know him pretty well, and I'm very good friends with his daughter. He's writing my recommendation now, but I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty good.

+ Special Interest Recommendation: my school volleyball team coach. She's a fairly new coach so I really helped her advise and lead the team, and the principals come to practice a fair amount of times. I'm also in one of the classes she teaches, and she's even talked to my parents about my very strong work ethic and work habits both in and out of the court.

• Sports: Competitive volleyball. This is my fourth year playing, and these last two years, I've been on a national team. Last year, we got to Nationals in Indiana. I also won a national bid for beach volleyball in the summer.
I also play lacrosse on my school and recreational team. I have been for around 6 years now, but I focus on volleyball more.
I did track for one year and was on the school team. I'm thinking about doing it again this year, but it won't count towards my applications.

• Instruments: Percussionist- first chair during concert band at school, third chair in regional band in the percussion ensemble- a very competitive group just for percussionists. I also play the drumset- I've accompanied the school select orchestra in sixth grade, and I'm playing for the jazz band at school. We're going to be playing at the Wreaths across America ceremony happening in our town, which only happens once every few years.
I've also played for my church's worship group once.
I also played piano for the school chorus for one year, and another time at a school's special event.

Extracurriculars: Math Counts team, volunteer at the local library once a week, part of the church group, usually volunteering someplace: I just went leaf raking in the township.
I've placed honor roll in a Chinese writing contest in all of my state- selective.
Science contests- I've gotten first team for physical science, and third team for both general and life science.
I was a girl scout for four years and completed my bronze award at the local dog park.
I've completed up to grade 5 piano ABRSM and music theory with either distinctions or merits.

I think that's it for now?

I'm currently working on a few highlight videos for volleyball and drumset, and revising my application essays.

• State or Country: NJ, USA
• Current School Type: Public
• Ethnicity: Asian American
• Gender: Female
• Grade Applying For: 9
• Age: 13
• Partial Financial Aid probably

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