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Exeter and Andover Tips for Admission

CSA2004CSA2004 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi guys,
I am a 9th-grade male applicant to Choate, Kent, Andover, and Exeter. I am in the admission process and need some help. So I just did my interviews and they went really well, I was prepared and ''impressed the interviewer''. I also met the soccer coach at Exeter and promised to send him some gameplay so he could write a letter to admissions. My SSAT scores are the following: 773-Quantitative
701- Verbal
707-Reading which gives a total of 2181. SSAT says that these scores place me in the 80th%. I thought that it would be closer to 90. My grades at school are really good(As) and my recommendation letters are phenomenal. I am currently working on my essays. I live in Montreal and go to school in French. I am also applying for financial aid. 2 questions.

What are the chances that I am going to Exeter or the other schools next year?
Should I take the SSAT again in January?
Thank you
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Replies to: Exeter and Andover Tips for Admission

  • PrepDad2018PrepDad2018 115 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I believe the test percentiles can vary based on the cohort. But that point total should be close to a 90th, at least would have been last year. Can't help you there other than ask if you skipped a lot of questions on the test playing safe As for your chances "we" need more data...clubs, sports, leadership roles, etc. Most Exeter/Andover applicants have 2200+ points, straight As, and good recommendations too. Is the soccer a high level? What is your school and community engagement like?

    In general from your limited info you are in good shape. Though you go to a French school, what do you speak and write at home? Are you a native English speaker?
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  • CSA2004CSA2004 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi, Thank you for helping me.

    So to start I was myself surprised to see the percentile as 80th and not 88-90th percentiele. I skipped 0 questions on math, 3 on Verbal and 1-2 on Reading. To continue, I do play soccer at a high level, I play competitevely. Just to give you an idea, I played at Kansas's National Futsal tournament last year and I am hoping to do so again. The soccer is at a very high level and I spoke with the soccer coaches. Thwy said that after I send them the gameplay, they would write a letter to admissions. As clubs, I don't do any except last year because being president of my grade occupies a lot of my time. I am an assistant coach for my brother's soccer team and help students when I can at Saturday school. My grades from the first semester are the following:

    English-89%(higher last year, like 92%)
    Science-88%(higher last year, like 92%)
    Soccer-87% and 93%(90% average)
    Music(83%)(I know it's mediocre).

    Leadership roles: Captain of my soccer team at school and club. President of my class(40 students) and President of my grade(400 students). Representative athlete of my school for grades 7,8,9.

    My teacher's recommendation letters are all really good and my interviews as well. Last year, I was in my general culture school team. At school, we talk mostly frech but I talk a lot of English outisde of class and at home. I am just scared that the SSAT will bring me down. I have 2 options in front of me.

    1. I don't take the SSAT and concentrate on the essays.
    2. I try to finish the essays before the holidays and concentrate on the SSAT for the whole vacation. What should I do?

    I really want to take the time to tell you that I appreciate you trying to help me and get accepted.
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