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Not sure if it's worth applying to TAMS

casserolekcasserolek 2 replies1 threads New Member
I just moved to Texas at the beginning of the school year, and since I'm a sophomore at a junior high I'm looking into schools to go to for next year. I found TAMS and I really want to go, but, I didn't do so well from grade 7 to mid-grade 9.

My grades were pretty much straight Bs except for As in English & Math. They were so low because of a pretty stupid reason, the work was so boring because it was easy that I wasn't motivated at all and didn't try. And although my current courses aren't that much harder I got myself motivated and am doing better. I'm currently taking all honors (AP World History, Pre-Ap English 2, Pre-AP Chem and Pre-Ap Geometry) and am getting low to mid-90s in all of them and high 90s in my electives (Theatre Tech 1, Health Science & Prof Comm) but I'm worried as to how my previous grades will hurt my chances.

My final and largest issue has to do with courses. I didn't know about TAMS when I was doing my course selection, and so I didn't take Algebra 2. I can take it online but I would have to pay about $340 for each semester, or $680 in total. My mom wants me to take Algebra online as I really want to go to TAMS, but I don't want to waste her money if there's no chance of me getting in.
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