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chances?? very common thread haha

emmaliuemmaliu 1 replies4 threads New Member
this is super rushed because i have around 4 days left to submit my application, but i was just wondering if i could gain any insight on my chances of getting into the schools im applying to -- andover, exeter, hotchkiss, choate, kent (safety-ish school)

i actually didnt know i was applying for boarding school until late december (literally right before the new year) so this was all super rushed. here are some general stats:

- asian (currently living in taiwan BUT i do go to an international school -- Taipei American School)
- currently a sophomore (applying for 11th grade)
- have a 4.15 GPA (weighted out of 4.833)
- i got straight As in freshman year, but I got 3 Bs this sophomore year (due to family stuff and a bunch of complications...but still not a great excuse for my grades. but for my other classes i still got all As so hopefully that'll help?)
- i took one AP last year and got a 5 on the AP World exam, and am currently taking 3 APs (AP Euro, Chem, and Stats). i've been taking the highest possible classes that i can take in my year (my current math class is precalc/differential calculus)

- i've played basketball at a varsity level since my freshman year (and was the only freshman in our school who went overseas to compete at a tournament)
- i've also played volleyball (on and off) for the past 5 years, but not at a high level

- i have been playing the cello since grade 3, and was first chair for our school's orchestra throughout middle school
- switched to the double bass in high school and have been chosen as first chair for an international music festival (the AMIS music festival, not sure if any of you have heard of it before)

- i'm the co-president of a club called "Sarnelli House" -- we're a club that works with the organization Sarnelli House in Thailand to provide housing and education for children in Thailand who have been kicked out of their villages because they have HIV/AIDS or children who ran away from their village to escape abuse
- i'm also an officer for a club called Walk for Refugees -- our school's single largest fundraising club in which we organize a walkathon every year and donate all the funds that we earn to a specific refugee group (we're donating to the Rohingya refugees this year). we earn at least 400,000 TWD every year
- i've been involved with our school's MUN program since i was in 6th grade, and have gone overseas as both a delegate and a chair for different conferences
- ive been actively involved in the climate change movement for the past two years, and have been a spokesperson in numerous press conferences as well as during the global climate strike in taiwan. i've actually been in touch with this topic since i was a little kid, and have slowly become more and more involved as i grew older.

- the Formosa Girls Award of courage and bravery: given to 3 girls in a pool of 500+. i was given this for the work i did starting Sarnelli House as well as my active involvement in the climate change movement
- the prudential spirit of community award: given to around 150 students in a pool of at least 2000. i was given this award for putting in volunteer hours at a camp where we teach underpriviliged kids english and foster their love of learning

sorry, this is a lot. but last thing -- i took the ssat 1/4, and am expecting to be at least 97th percentile for math and probably around the 90th percentile for english. ~94/95th percentile overall.

any info is appreciated, thanks!
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Replies to: chances?? very common thread haha

  • petrich0rpetrich0r 19 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey! It's nice to be able to relate to someone-I didn't start my application process until the middle of December and am still completing it for later deadlines. SSAT scores probably came out a day or two after you posted this, so I hope that's boosting your confidence. I took them as well on 1/4 and because that was the only available date...I'm sure you understand. :)

    I'm overall fairly impressed by your application-I know I had far less to offer.

    Honestly, I'm no expert, so I can't give you chances. Seem pretty high to me though.

    P.S. It might be better if you change your username to make sure your name is not available to everyone...
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  • PrepDad2018PrepDad2018 128 replies1 threads Junior Member
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    Your resume is extremely interesting, more than the average "chance me" thread, particularly for your ECs. It looks as you can also pursue music or basketball in BS as well. After your materials are submitted (and your SSAT scores in) I'd recommend you also reach out to the music dept head and/or basketball coaches to express interest in continuing and contributing to your new school. It may be hard to pursue both at the performance level required in BS with the really, really, really, high academic demands at those schools, so you may want to consider one or the other.

    I am not sure of the 11th grade acceptance rates. If this was for grade 9 you'd have a good chance for acceptance with at least one school. But I am sure you will be in the serious consideration pile for applicants for grade 11 too. Good luck.
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  • coolbeans6coolbeans6 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I am applying to Salisbury, Loomis, and St.George's and I know the school admissions are very competitive and I want to know my chances. I am currently in tenth grade but, if I attend I will be doing a repeat year. I have decent grades around a 3.5 GPA. I did okay on my ISEE scoring a 7 and a 6 on my English portions and scoring very poorly on my math sections scoring 2 on both. I have told the admissions staff that I do struggle with math but am a straight A student other then that. My interviews went very well they were impressed with my character and my knowledge about the schools. I should have three really good recommendations and one decent one. I also felt that all my short answers and essays were good. Also, nobody from my state is attending any of the schools I am applying to so could that help with admission. I am involved in activities such as Boy Scouts, FCA, and lacrosse. I have received awards in these activities and hold held leadership positions as well. I also am a prospective lacrosse player for the schools, I have worked very closely with the lacrosse coaches and they know me so could that also help my chances with admission. I am applying for aid and, I have heard stories that since the applicant was applying for aid they have been wait listed or denied. Overall, I just want to know my chances of getting into any of these schools.
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  • one1ofeachone1ofeach 769 replies17 threads Member
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    Chances are good IMO because of the lacrosse.

    Oops @coolbeans6 you should start your own thread
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