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Math Classes

AKmathAKmath 67 replies4 threads Junior Member
So I will be doing Geometry next year, but my ambition is to do Linear Algebra senior year because it really interests me, and is useful to know as I want to major in CS. Which math class do you guys think would be the best choice to "skip" (do in the summer/tutored/online schooled). Algebra II/Trig, Pre-Calc, or Calc?
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Replies to: Math Classes

  • 864346864346 65 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Really any of those are not particularly difficult to take online/summer/tutored and all of the above would be manageable.
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  • one1ofeachone1ofeach 896 replies17 threads Member
    Have you chosen a school? Not all schools will accept summer classes to jump during the year and some schools make you take their own summer classes in order to do this. You might start by checking in with your school and then the head of the math department at your school. I expect you will get a different response from the above, which is somewhat absurd, few people consider those maths to be "easy" or "totally doable in a summer."
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  • AKmathAKmath 67 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Yes, the high school I will be attending next year does allow it's students to do math classes on their own time/in the summer.
    @864346 In what way are they not "particularly difficult". That makes no sense at all. It's high school math, it may be easy for an adult, but pretty hard for any high schooler.
    My current math teacher suggests I skip Pre-Calc since my high school groups Trig with algebra two, she says it will probably be the easiest class to skip as it just builds off of algebra II. What do you guys think?
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  • AKmathAKmath 67 replies4 threads Junior Member
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  • stalecookiesstalecookies 108 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Why not take Linear Algebra on your own in the summer?

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  • tiffy1010tiffy1010 11 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I would say skip Algebra 2 if you really want to, but personally I recommend taking like a math course at your current school and then along with that, take a class at your local community college. It's what I did, and I felt like that wasn't as rushed as skipping a class over a 2 month period during summer.
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  • Happytimes2001Happytimes2001 1971 replies13 threads Senior Member
    Algebra II is perhaps the most important since it is the basis of future work. So I would not skip it. Geo is a good one to skip. It's the easiest but might be challenging to learn online depending on how you learn. It's pretty hard to get from Geo to linear algebra.
    I think you should initially focus on doing really well in math and then decide in conjunction with your advisor and math head what your path should be. Honestly, you might think that taking linear algebra in high school is important for some reason but there are many kids at BS who start in Pre-Calc/ Calc in 9th grade. Some are really advanced so you'll be with them. That's not an issue per se.
    I have two mathy kids. One does fine (A's with no real effort) but has no interest in taking pure math. So taking advanced math classes will be weighing what's the best thing to take given all of the choices. You'll really have a better picture after you have been at your school at least a year.
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  • BioType1BioType1 14 replies5 threads Junior Member
    edited May 12
    Hi. I’m currently a senior in high school and I also attended a private school and I’m going to Yale (Comp sci) in the fall. Hopefully... however, one word of advice is, don’t skip any math levels. Each math level is there for a purpose and to skip by taking a summer course is not the best decision imo. Like you, I really enjoyed math classes and wanted to pursue higher math but I saw others who did that and struggled miserably bc their motivations got ahead of their proficiency which is what I witnessed.( they were literally math wizzes who are currently attending Harvard and Stanford).

    I took geo In 9th
    Alg 2/trig in 10
    Pre Calc in 11
    And ap calc bc in 12.

    To skip by taking summer courses is simply not good enough compared to a full year normal course. You need to build proper foundations by taking school courses so you don’t struggle in college, SAT/ACT and etc. by doing this, I was able to get a 1590 sat it he writing got me), accepted to Harvard, Yale, mit, northwestern, and Uofchicago and I was able to have a good social life. So I recommend sticking with geo which is such an Uberly important Course like any other math class.

    Best thing is to just do well on what u have rn and ull succeed!

    So good luck and lmk what u decide to do!

    On a side note, unless ur school is rlly known for its academics, idk how much a hs Linear Alg course will help in college.
    edited May 12
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  • AKmathAKmath 67 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the advice! :smile: My dream college is Yale, so wish me good luck.
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